How to configure 3D Max Projection windows

How to configure 3D Max Projection windows

   In this tutorial we will review 3Ds max projection window. Projection window has a lot of parameters but in this tutorials we will only review some of them.

When you first opening 3Ds Studio max you will see 4 little windows. These windows are Top, Front, Left and Perspective windows. These windows are default and you can change views anytime when you wish.

3D Studio projection window

We can change sequence of windows, delete a window, change the size of them and add more window.

In 2017 version you can create different variation of projection windows. On bottom left side you will see rectangle icon and arrow.B2ap3 Thumbnail Creatinf Different Variation Windows
 When you will click on arrow you will you will see default window combinations. By click on any of this icons you will create a new tab where you can switch between windows combination.
Windows combination

How to switch window view

 By default views in windows set like Top, Front, Left and Perspective. But you can change it to any view that you wish. On every window top left side you can see small text. Click on view name and change it to any view.

 Change window view in 3ds max

  If you don’t like grid on projection window then you can hit G from keyboard to switch Grid ON or OFF.



View cube useful tool that can help you find any view. As every  edge of this cube is selectable and you can change view to any edge of cube. Also if you will click and hold cursor on Cube, you will change view freely. Most of time you will use it in Perspective window.

If you don’t want to use view cube you can change view by holding Alt and Middle button of mouse for freestyle view.

If you don’t like a cube or it is disturb you you can easily hide it. You can do it in View Cube configuration. Click with mouse right button on cube and from menu choose Configuration.

View cube configuration

You will see Viewport Configuration window where you can hide cube.

Configuration windows

Navigation with View cube

B2ap3 Medium View Cube Edges

1. If you will click on Home icon you will return to default view

2. Every edge and corner of cube have it is own view direction.

3. Every edge of the cube has its own name.

4. On bottom side of cube you can find compass.

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