All features of Dynamic Input tool in Autocad

All features of Dynamic Input tool in Autocad

There are a lot of helping tools that can help us make drawing more accurate and easy. In this tutorials you will learn how to use one of those tools.This tools is Dynamic Input.

As you know every  action that you are doing reflecting in command panel. When we are drawing something we need to enter any parameters of object to get a result. Using command panel every time is not easy. Because it takes our attention and time. To make your drawing fast and easy you can use Dynamic Input.

Autocad Dynamic input

Dynamic input duplicates all commands from command panel and shows them near of your mouse cursor. Also, you can easily enter parameters of an object without clicking on command panel.

You can find Dynamic Input on bottom right side of Autocad.

 Dynamic Input Icon In Autocad

If you can’t see  icon probably its hidden. In new realizes of AutoCAD most auxiliary tools are hidden by default. You can show them by clicking on menu that you can find in bottom left corner.

 Activating Dynamic input

Settings of Dynamic input

As we already know how Dynamic input can help us let’s see how we can customize it. If we don’t like some of features of Dynamic input then we can customize or deactivate some of them. To see settings of this tool click right mouse button on the Dynamic input icon and then click on Dynamic Input Settings to open window.

Opening Dynamic input Settings

On main Settings window, you can see few Check that allows us to turn on or off some features of Dynamic input. Also under of every feature you can see Settings button for deep customization of every feature. So let’s see what all these features mean.

In image below you can see how basic features of Dynamic input tools works.

All features of Dynamic input settings

There are 3 main settings of dynamic input

Pointer input – this feature available when you activate any command and Autocad asking you to enter or do some action.

Dimension input – You can see this feature when you are drawing some object. If this feature active then you can see a dimensional line that shows drawing object sizes.

Dynamic Prompts – This feature shows what action you should do next.

You can also customize view and parameters of these features and make them look as you want.



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