Autocad Coordinate system and how it works

Autocad Coordinate system and how it works

Let's little talk about Autocad coordinates system. Coordinate system one of the fundamental thing in CAD software and that's why you need to understand. 

 Of course, most of the time you in your work you will not use a coordinate system. But sometimes that very useful.

Let’s begin to learn to coordinate system and we will begin from WCS (World coordinate system). The coordinate system inside Autocad similar to real World coordinates system.

WCS is a rectangular coordinate system that starts from the point with coordinates 0,0 that located in left bottom corner of Autocad. Every created object has character points with assigned coordinates. These points responsible for the position of the object in model space relative to the origin of WCS.

The defining point of primitives

Line – first point and last point

Polyline and polygons – Top

Circle, arc and spiral – center point.

There are three ways to enter coordinates

  1. Absolute coordinates
  2. Relative coordinates
  3. Polar coordinates


How to draw object with Absolute coordinates in Autocad


To draw line with absolute coordinates we need to

  1. Call Line command
  2. Autocad will ask Specify first point, Enter X (10) and Y (10) coordinates after hit Enter.
  3. After first point is specified enter line length and angle.

B2ap3 Thumbnail 1 Entering Line Coordinates

How to draw object in AutoCAD with relative coordinates

How relative coordinates works?

Relative coordinates take last drawn object endpoint as point 0. You need just enter @ before you will enter coordinates. Let me explain you how it works.

Above we draw line with absolute coordinates (10,10).

  1. After we finish draw first line again call Line command.
  2. Autocad again will ask you Specify first point.
  3. Before you will enter coordinates enter @
  4. Then again enter X – 15 and Y – 20 and hit Enter.

 B2ap3 Thumbnail 2 Relative Coordinates


How Autocad polar coordinates works

By default positive value of angle rolling counterclockwise, negative is clockwise. Polar coordinates can be used when we know length of line and angle that relative to the positive direction of the X-axis.

Here is an example.

B2ap3 Thumbnail 3 Polar Coordinates

In the example, you can see line with Length 8 units, 225 rotated concerning positive X axis.

Starting point built with absolute coordinates -2, -2.

After line was drawn used 8parameters

What that parameter mean:

                8line length

                < - angle symbol

                225 – angle which is necessary to turn the line.


In this tutorial, we learn basic parameters of Autocad coordinate system. In future, we will continue to learn Autocad coordinate system to understand Autocad deeper.


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