How Rotate and Mirror commands works in Autocad

How Rotate and Mirror commands works in Autocad

Hi guys, today we will explore a couple of command for editing in Autocad. These two commands fundamental commands in Autocad. They are Rotate and Mirror. So let’s begin.


Rotate tool in Autocad

As you can understand from command name you can rotate object in 2D space. 2D because for 3D space you will need to use another command named 3D rotate. 3D command we will learn in future tutorials.

Rotate command can be found on HOME tab and by entering Rotate from the keyboard.

Home tab and tools ribbon

Just click on it and Autocad will ask Select object.

After you will select object click mouse right button or hit Enter.

Then you need Specify base point  from where you want rotate object. You can select any base point of object or you can just click on any place of workspace. Of course, it will better if  you will take base point on object.

Rotate tool in Autocad

As you can see now Autocad asking us enter rotation angle. We can just rotate it by mouse or if we want we can enter angle and hit Enter. Our object will be rotated to the place where we want.

If we want to rotate and create a copy of existing object from in same time we can just enter C  from keyboard and our object will be rotated and copied.

We can see second additional command beside with Copy and name of that command is Reference. So what we can do with a Reference?

Sometimes we just need to know where is the certain angle without rotating any object. In this way, Reference command can help us. Just when you are using Rotate tool Autocad will offer you additional command use R button to activate Reference command. In the next step, you will need enter angle that you want to know where it located and Autocad will show your angle from a base point that you chose.


Mirror tool in Autocad

What Mirror tool can do? Let’s see

We have some object and we want to create a mirror copy of this object.

Object and mirror copy

How can we do it? You can say that we can copy this object and rotate it, but no. As you can see this object is an uneven triangle and no matter how you will rotate you will not get mirror copy of the object.

That’s why we need to use special tool Mirror. You can see It under Rotate tool in Home tab.

Mirror tool in autocad

  1. Activate command by clicking on it. Autocad will ask you Select objects
  2. Select object and hit Enter on keyboard
  3. You need Specify first point of mirror line. Which copy you will get depend on where you will specify first point.
  4. After you will decide where you mirror copy will be located, click on workspace to create copy of your object.
  5. At last step you will need select one of the two options. Erase original object or no. To finish command enter from your keyboard Y or N and hit enter.

In any additional question please create post in our forum.


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