How to customize Autocad interface

How to customize Autocad interface

We are continuing work with the workspace. In this tutorial, we will create a nonstandard workspace for your needs.

So why you need change workspace? Reason can be different. Maybe you think workspace uncomfortable for you or you think there too many unusable tools that you want to remove from the ribbon to make your work more comfortable and fast.

What will we do?

How to duplicate and rename one of the existing workspaces

How to anchor tools ribbon to right side

How to change view of Autocad ribbon tool

How to anchor tool palettes into left side

How to duplicate and rename Autocad Workspace?

If you want to customize workspace it would be better if you will create or duplicate existing workspace and do your customization on it. By doing that you can export your workspace settings or restore to standard AutoCAD workspace if something will go wrong.

So let’s begin to create our workspace. To do that go to Workspace switcher  on right bottom and from menu click on Customize.

B2ap3 Medium 1 Costomisation Workspace

In opened Customize User Interface window we will duplicate Drafting & Annotation workspace. To duplicate it click on it with right mouse button and choose Duplicate from drop-down menu.

 Interface costumization

We will get a duplicate of our existing workspace. Now we can do anything what we wish with this workspace. First, let rename it and set default workspace.

To rename workspace first click on it and on right bottom side fo window you will see Properties section. Change name to any name you wish. I will change it to My Workspace. After that click on Apply and OK.

INterface dublicate

Now if you will click on Workspace Switcher button you will see new workspace. Click on it to make It default workspace.

MY workspace

Don’t forget to click on Workspace Settings and change When Switching Workspaces option to Automatically save workspace changes. All changes that you will do will automatically save.

 7 Save All Changes Automatically

How to change the place of Autocad Ribbon menu from top to side?

If we don’t like that all tools at top side we can change it is place and make our workspace looks like that.

B2ap3 Large 10 Changed Workspace

You can change ribbon view by clicking on Ribbon minimize button to change ribbon view.

 Tool ribbon hide

How to regroup ribbon tabs and tool panels?

That quite easy to customize RIBBON. You can easily change tools panels place to make usability as you with. Just take any panel with your mouse left button and slide it any place where you wish.

 Move tool panels

How to anchor Palettes to side panel?

The most used palette is Properties palette. You can call it by CTRL+1. After clicking on Properties button of Properties palette and click on Anchor left.

Anchor panel to left

Now palette is hidden and will open only when you hover on it. You can add other useful palettes in similar ways.

As you can see we create new workspace and change it as you wish. Now change workspace to  make your workspace more useful for you.

 Modified interface

If you have additional question please post a new post in our forum.

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