How to install Free Autocad 2017 (Part 2)

How to install Free Autocad 2017 (Part 2)

  In the previous tutorial, we learn how to registers on Autodesk website and download Autocad student version. In this tutorial, we will install AutoCAD 2017 using details that we get from Autodesk.


   For first we need login in Autodesk website. If you haven’t account you can read this lesson and easily register on the website. After login goes to Autocad download page and choose which version of AutoCAD you want to install. After that, click on red Install Now button at bottom of form

Download and install Autocad 2017

   Autocad installer will download to your computer. Installer weight very small size. Just click on it and open.

 Downloading Autocad installation

Downloading will begin

 Autocad 2017 download beginning

   You need to wait until all files will download. It can take a time to download. Time will be based on your internet connection speed.

   After first download will finish you will see window like below. Here you can see to choices. You can directly install AutoCAD or install additional tools. Probably you will never need additional tools and utilities that is why, click on Install button.

Installation window

   Next, you will see window where you can choose what you want to install and where you want. You can only install Autocad or you can install with Autodesk Recap 360 and A360 desktop. About Autodesk Recap 360 and A360 we will talk in future lessons.

 Choose what you want install

   After you decided what you want just click on Install button. Software downloading will begin. The download can take a long time because whole software size is about 5 GB.

Installation process

   After download and install you will see notification window. Click on Finish button to end installation. Now we have installed Autocad.

 Autocad Already installed

   The last thing we need to do is register our Autocad. To do that open your new installed Autocad. If you have already installed an old version of Autocad you will see Migration Window. This feature is new and only available in Autocad 2017.

Autocad Migration tool

   Select configurations that you want migrate and click on Check button.

   After you will see another notification window and from offered options click on first option Always reassociate DWG files with AUTOCAD (Recommended)

Autocad association

   Now our Autocad will open and now we need to register the software. To do that click on Enter Serial Number

 Autocad Welcome window

At next window just click on Agree to agree with Autocad Privacy Statement.

Autocad Privacy Statement

    In the next window we can just run Autocad or Activate it. We can run and use it for 30 days from today. But after 30 days left we will need register Autocad. That is why let's click on Activate button and register our Autocad

 Enter Autocad License

    In the next window, we need to enter Serial number and Product key that we get from Autodesk. If you haven’t serial number you need register at Autodesk website. You can see how to do that in this tutorial.

Autodesk license email

    Let's copy activation information from email and enter to activation window’s fields. Click on Next button to activate your Autocad.

Enter serial Number

   If everything right after few second you will get notification window that your Autocad 2017 successfully activated.

 Your Autocad 2017 activated

   Now you can work on Autocad. If you have internet connection Autocad will check your license and you will get an email with Activation code. When AutoCAD will ask for activation code enter code that you get from Autodesk.

Thank you for registration

Congratulations. Now you have fully registered Autocad and you can begin to learn it. Don’t give your license code to anybody as that code only for personal use.


If you will have any questions please create a new post in our forum.


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