How to switch Autocad workspace style?

How to switch Autocad workspace style?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to change workspace and what workspace mean in AutoCAD.

    A workspace is a place where you are working. If I would tell shot way – Interface of software. By default Autocad offering you 4 different workspace styles. The difference between them in how commands and tools sort in workspace and tools ribbon.  For instance, if you are working only in 2D then you can choose Drafting & Annotation style, because in this style all useful 2D tool placed where you can find them very fast.

Here is which workspace style existing by default.

Drafting & Annotation – 2D drawing style

3D Basics – Only 3D drawing tools

3D modeling – 2D and 3D tools mixed

Autocad Classic – Classic interface that used until 2009 year version released.

   Autocad very flexible software and if you don’t like where tools located or you want to make your own workspace then you can easily change, duplicate and create a workspace as you wish.

Here we will duplicate and create new workspace as we wish. So let’s begin

You can change Autocad standard workspaces by clicking on the tool at right bottom corner.

Workspace switcher button

You will see a menu where you can change or configure workspace.

Switching workspace menu

If you will click on Workspace Settings you will see windows where you can change the name of the workspace, change position and add some separator. After all, changes click on OK button.

Workspace setting window

But to change workspace in the easy way you just can click  on Workspace Switching button and choose workspace from the list.

Now let’s little bit talk about Workspace customization. Click on Customize button from list

Workspace customize

Customize window will open and with Customize User Interface window we can deeply customize workspace.

Customize User Interface

Here we can create new, duplicate and customize existing workspaces. But in this lesson we will not do it, because I think we can spend our time for more useful lessons. In future lessons, I will show you how you can create or customize new workspace based on your request.


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