Move and Copy tools in Autocad

Move and Copy tools in Autocad

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the most using couple of commands. Move and Copy is the easiest commands that every user using in every second step. This command is pretty easy to use. Here we will learn how to use and what additional useful things we can do with them.


Move tool in Autocad

Ok let’s begin with Move command

Move is a universal command that you can use to move every object in Autocad.

You can find it on Home tab.

How to use move command in Autocad

Just click on it with your mouse left button, you will see Autocad asking you Select objects.

After you will select the object you need to confirm that selection is ok by clicking mouse right button or enter keyboard.

Then you will ask Specify  base point or Displacement. It means you must show point from where you want move object. You can select any point of object or just click in any point of the workspace. Then you can move the object.

If you will choose Displacement by hitting D from the keyboard then the base point will be 0,0 coordinates of your workspace.

After you will move your object to the place where it should be, just clicking by mouse button to place object and finish the Move command.

How Autocad Copy tool works

Copy command can be found under Move command in Home tab.

B2ap3 Thumbnail 2 Copy Command In Autocad

After you will activate Copy command Autocad will ask you  Select objects.

Click on an object that you want to copy by mouse button and click mouse right button or hit Enter to confirm the selection.

Copy tool additional command

You will see that Autocad offering us 2 additional commands. Displacement we already now what it mean. The second command is MODE as you can see O letter in the word is a different color. Hit on O on your keyboard to activate command.

Autocad will offer you 2 options



What do these options mean?

By default with Copy command you can choose any objects once and copy it countless number until you will cancel copy command. This calls Multiply.

But if you want copy once then you can switch to Single and copy the object only once. Then you will need call copy command again and copy the second object.

As you can see these fundamental commands Move and Copy very easy to use. Use these command to learn how you can use them in a fast way.

 In any additional command please create a post in our forum.

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