About NC Studio and video course


In this post, I’ll talk about NC studio software and New video course about NC studio.

   NC studio is a software to control Chinese CNC machines. Well, there a different type of CNC machine. Some of them have own control panel that allows you control them easily. But that control panels not safe until at least in my case.

   When we bought CNC machine we controlled it with it is own control panel and after a short time, it stops work. Because of that, we decided to replace it with PC.

   If you already using NC studio then you know that this software controlling CNC through special control card that connected to your PC. Control card cost about 35 USD (not original) and you can check them here.

   NC studio more popular in Europe and Asia. Many people in the USA using MACH 3 / 4. Mach also working through control card. Right now I haven’t experience with Mach3 and that’s why can't say about it anything right now.

   Currently, I’m using NC Studio 5.5.6 to control my machine. This is an old version but if you are using Chine CNC machine and sellers send you NC studio for free then you probably using very close version to mine.

   Well, I Decided to Create Mini video course that will help to new beginners to start to control their CNC with NC studio.

   Currently, I’m working on this course and will let you know (If you are my subscriber) when I’ll launch it. If you want to get a notification about this course then subscribe to form below.


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