How to create Product stand from scratch

How to create Product stand from scratch

If you are new in working with organic glass and laser machine then you already faced with some problems. Especially if you are working in trading equipment area or in a similar area.

Often you can face with some problems in designing, drawing and construction of small organic stands. To create right construction that will not spoil the aesthetic view of display require experience. To get an experience you need to spend a lot of time. But if you need learn everything fast in short time you’ll need to learn from someone.

Here I want to introduce video course that will help you understand how to create trading stand for products from organic glass. This short video course based on real project and you’ll see how to create stand from idea to real physical product. 

When first-time customers came to you they really don’t know what they want. They want something beautiful to provide their products in stores.

Well, the fastest way to get an order from them without spending much time, write down what they want and ideas. Because clients can’t explain to you what is the beautiful stand mean. The better way is modeling 3D model of that stand that you imagine in your mind and send it to the customer to approve a design. Best of 3D modeling is you can change any part of it just in few minutes if a customer wants.

After approving you can beginning the creation process. Without 3D model or approvement, it’s hard to do business. Because often customer image in his mind and your product won’t be same. Well as a result customer won’t pay for it.

 In this course, I’ll begin from the first idea of a product that I draw in the paper. Then I’ll draw a 3D model of that display that I imagine. After approving design I’ll begin prepare line to cut in Laser machine.

You’ll see all steps from hand drawing to real physical display.

At the end you'll see cutting, printing and assembling process of this stand.

What this course contains?

First I’ll draw a 3D model of stand in Autocad with an explanation. This part sliced into few videos. Here I also will import some vector from CorelDraw and will explain to you what kind of problem you can meet.

Then I’ll begin to prepare line to cut in Laser machine. You’ll learn how to draw a right line that will fix stand without any glue.

In this stand need to be print and I’ll show you how I’ll add that design in CorelDraw and will show you how you can nest it to save materials.

At then end you’ll see assembling process of this acrylic stand.

 To whom this course will useful?

People who work in trading equipment area

Individuals who have laser cutting machine and wants to earn money from it

 What you’ll get?

- You’ll get lifetime access to this course

- I’ll get access to the forum where you can ask everything that touching course


Product Stand Creation Video Course



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