Best answer: How do I search for a file in Solidworks?

Where is file explorer in Solidworks?

To activate the SOLIDWORKS Explorer: From within the SOLIDWORKS application, click Tools > SOLIDWORKS Explorer. From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Explorer version . Create a shortcut by dragging the SOLIDWORKS Explorer icon to your desktop.

How do I open an import file in Solidworks?

Creating an Import Files Task

  1. Under Task files or folders, click Add File.
  2. Select the types of files to import in Files of type. Available selections for file type: IGES (*. igs, *. iges) STEP (*. step, *. stp)
  3. Browse to the file you want to import, then click Open.
  4. Repeat steps a, b, and c to select additional files.

How do I change the search path in Solidworks?

Displays search paths for a given file type.

Default File Locations.

File Type Default Location
Revision Table Templates C:Program FilesSOLIDWORKS CorpSOLIDWORKSlangenglish
Search Paths C:SOLIDWORKS Data
Sheet Formats C:ProgramDataSOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS version langenglishsheetformat

What happened SOLIDWORKS Explorer?

SOLIDWORKS Explorer was replaced by SOLIDWORKS File Utilities in 2020 and can now be accessed quickly with a simple right click in Windows File Explorer. While the familiar graphical interface may be missing, the same functionality exists and allows users to perform the same convenient tasks that they enjoyed before.

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What is solidworks Visualise?

SOLIDWORKS® Visualize allows you to leverage your 3D CAD data to create photo-quality content in the fastest and easiest way you can–from images to animations, interactive web content, and immersive Virtual Reality. Bring your products to life. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is the “camera” for your CAD data!

What is Solidworks file utilities?

SOLIDWORKS File Utilities let you perform such tasks as renaming, replacing, and moving SOLIDWORKS files. To access SOLIDWORKS File Utilities: In File Explorer, right-click a SOLIDWORKS file (.SLDPRT, .SLDASM, .SLDDRW) and select: Pack and Go.

How do I access utilities in Solidworks?

You can install SOLIDWORKS File Utilities from the Installation Manager, the Administrative Image Options Editor, and its own installation wizard. It is also available from

What files can SOLIDWORKS open?

SolidWorks supported native or neutral formats are IGES, DXF, DWG, STEP, ACIS, STL, Parasolid, PDF, VDA.

How do I open a STL file in SOLIDWORKS?

To set the import options:

  1. Click Open or File > Open.
  2. In Files of type, select STL (*. stl), VRML (*. wrl), or 3MF (*. 3mf), and click Options.
  3. Select from the options described below, then click OK. Option. Description. Import as. Graphics Body. …
  4. Select a file, then click Open to import the file.

How do I get my SOLIDWORKS toolbar back?

To display SOLIDWORKS toolbars:

  1. Right-click in the window border, click Toolbars, and select or clear a toolbar name.
  2. Click Tools > Customize. On the Toolbars tab, select the toolbars to display.

How do I create a template in Solidworks?

To create a template:

  1. Click New (Standard toolbar) or File > New.
  2. Double-click the type of template that you want to create: Part, Assembly, or Drawing.
  3. Click Options. …
  4. On the Document Properties tab, select options to customize your new document template, then click OK. …
  5. Click File > Save As.
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How do I change the default template in Solidworks?

To change the default template:

  1. Click Options. or Tools > Options.
  2. Select Default Templates.
  3. Click the appropriate browse button (Parts, Assemblies, or Drawings).
  4. In the New SOLIDWORKS Document dialog box, select the template you prepared and click OK.
  5. Select: Always use these default document templates. …
  6. Click OK.
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