How do I see all layers in ArchiCAD?

Note: To show all Layers while working in your project, use the Document > Layers > Show All Layers command or the relevant button of the Arrange Elements toolbar.

How do Layers work in ArchiCAD?

Layers are used in ArchiCAD to organize elements and are the primary means to control their visibility. A key principle is that you need to have enough layers to be able to show and hide related groups of elements properly for all construction documents as well as all design phases.

How do I select everything on a layer in ArchiCAD?

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 15-2)

  1. Arrow tool active -> select all elements visible in the current window.
  2. Marquee tool placed in the window -> select all elements within the marquee.
  3. Element tool (e.g. Wall, Window) active -> select all of that type of element.

How do I manage layers in ArchiCAD?

Click the Layer Settings icon in the Info Box of any ArchiCAD tool. The left panel lists existing Layer Combinations. The right side lists all the layers defined in the project. Use the splitter bar that separates the two sides to display as much text as you need.

How do I unlock a layer in ArchiCAD?

The Edit > Locking > Unlock command unlocks the selected item(s). With the Unlock All command, you can unlock all locked elements, even if they are not selected.

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Where is attribute manager in archicad 22?

You can also access the Attribute Manager by going to Options, Element Attributes, and then Attribute Manager. Here on the top we can navigate through all kinds of attributes, and here we have a list of all the attributes per type.

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