How do you move a legend in Revit?

Can you import legends in Revit?

The Transfer Legend add-in for Autodesk® Revit® is a free application that helps you to transfer/copy existing legends from a Revit linked document file to the current document with a few simple clicks.

How do you use legends in Revit?

Create a Legend

  1. Click View tab Create panel Legends drop-down (Legend).
  2. In the New Legend View dialog, enter a name for the legend view and select the view scale.
  3. Click OK. …
  4. Add the desired element symbols to the view using any of the following methods: …
  5. Click Annotate tab Text panel (Text).

How do you save a legend in Revit?

You can copy – paste legends from file to file. Create a minimum project and place the legend(s) in that, then just open that file in the same Revit session and copy paste between the projects. This legend may be something you want in your template file.

Can legend views be added to multiple sheets?

You can place a legend view on multiple sheets.

How do you add a legend to a Revit sheet?

Open the sheet on which you want to place the legend view. In the Project Browser, expand Legends, click the name of the legend view, drag it into the drawing area, and click to place it on the sheet. You can place a legend view on multiple sheets.

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Which view type can be placed on more than one sheet Revit?

Legends are a unique in the sense that they are the only view types you can copy to multiple sheets.

What is a Revit symbol?

Revit 2021. Apr 19 2021In-product view. A symbol is a graphic representation of an annotation element or other object.

Can you copy views between Revit models?

While Revit allows inserting Drafting views and schedules from an existing project, it does not have built in options to allow copying/inserting 3D / Plan views between different Revit projects. If you are looking re-use just a few views, then it would probably be simpler to create new views in the new project.

How do I move a view from one sheet to another in Revit?

To change the view title that displays on the sheet, double-click the title, and edit it. See View Titles on Sheets. To move the view to a new location on the sheet, select its viewport, and drag it. You can align views to grid lines for precise placement.

How do I copy information from one Revit model to another?

Go to the file you want to copy from, highlight the objects to copy and type “Ctrl-C” (that is, hold down the Ctrl key and type “C”). Then open the file you want to paste that element into and type “Ctrl-V.”

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