How do you remove materials in Catia?

How do you delete parts in Catia?

CATProduct document.

  1. Click the Remove icon .
  2. Select Body. …
  3. The dialog box that appears displays the names as well as the paths of the parts that may be affected by the removal. …
  4. Check the option Highlight affected parts to clearly identify the parts affected by the operation.
  5. Click OK to confirm.

How do I change the material of a part in Catia?

To assign a material to a part, do the following:

  1. Select the PartBody feature in the specification tree.
  2. Click the Apply Material icon . The Library dialog box opens. …
  3. Select a material family from the tabs along the top of the dialog box, then choose a material from the displayed images, and click OK.

How do you add body parts on Catia?

Click the Insert Body icon. If the icon is not visible in the application, you can display it by using the View -> Toolbars -> Insert command. The result is immediate. CATIA displays this new body referred to as “Body.

How can I change my body in Catia?

Right-click the desired open body in the specification tree and select the Change Body command from the contextual menu. The Change Body dialog box appears.

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How do you change the density of NX?

In NX 11, go to menu -> analysis -> units and pick one of the options.

Available density units are:

  1. Lb/Cu In (pounds per cubic inch)
  2. Lb/Cu Ft (pounds per cubic feet)
  3. G/Cu Cm (grams per cubic centimeter)
  4. Kg/Cu M (kilograms per cubic meters)

How do I use custom materials in Catia?

Creating User Materials

  1. Click User Material in the Model Manager toolbar. …
  2. Choose the desired material in the Library dialog box. …
  3. Click OK in the Library dialog box. …
  4. Double-click the User Material. …
  5. Select the Analysis tab in the Properties dialog box. …
  6. Modify the parameters if needed.

How do I view materials in Catia?

Below is an example of a 3D XML file containing a material open in a CATIA V5 session.

To visualize the applied material, click Shading with Material in the View toolbar.

  1. Select the element onto which the material is to be applied. …
  2. Click Apply Material . …
  3. Select a material from any family, by a simple click.

How do I apply materials in Catia v6?

2 Answers. Just select the material and the click apply material command…. select the material you want to apply and then click apply then ok….

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