How do you start a new part document in Solidworks?

When you start a new SOLIDWORKS document what is the choice of standard templates?

The templates specified in System Options > Default Templates are always used when you create new documents directly from the Novice page. If you open a new document when in a SOLIDWORKS tutorial, a tutorial template is used.

How do I open a part in a SOLIDWORKS assembly?

Opening Components from Assembly Documents

  1. Click or right-click a part and click Open Part .
  2. Click or right-click a subassembly, and then, on the Open Part drop-down, select the subassembly.

How do I use a part template in SOLIDWORKS?

To create a template:

  1. Click New (Standard toolbar) or File > New.
  2. Double-click the type of template that you want to create: Part, Assembly, or Drawing.
  3. Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options.
  4. On the Document Properties tab, select options to customize your new document template, then click OK. …
  5. Optional.

Can you change part template SOLIDWORKS?

This can be done by file, open (change your file type to Template), browse to the folder where your existing part template is stored or by file, new and selecting the existing part template.

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How do I change the drawing template in SOLIDWORKS?

To create a new template, or modify an existing one, the process typically goes something like this:

  1. File > Open and change your file type option to Template. …
  2. Change the drawing sheet size if necessary.
  3. Change the sheet format to the desired sheet format file.
  4. Change any options needed within the Document Properties.

How do I open a SOLIDWORKS drawing template?

Click Options or Tools > Options. Select Default Templates. Click the appropriate browse button (Parts, Assemblies, or Drawings). In the New SOLIDWORKS Document dialog box, select the template you prepared and click OK.

How do you change a part in a SOLIDWORKS assembly?

To edit a part while in an assembly:

  1. Right-click the part and select Edit Part, or click Edit Component on the Assembly toolbar. …
  2. Make the necessary changes to the part.

How do I view parts in SOLIDWORKS?

Right-click on the blank graphics area and select “Show Hidden Components.” SOLIDWORKS will display any components hidden in the assembly. If you click on the component, it will show it when you exit this state (which can be done by clicking Escape on your keyboard or clicking “Exit Show-Hidden”).

How do I open assembly?

Open an assembly

Press Ctrl+O and then select an assembly file. on the Assembly Explorer toolbar and then select an assembly file. Drag an assembly file (or a selection of files) from Windows Explorer to the Assembly Explorer window.

What is a SolidWorks part?

part. A single 3D object made up of features. A part can become a component in an assembly, and it can be represented in 2D in a drawing. Examples of parts are bolt, pin, plate, and so on. The extension for a SOLIDWORKS part file name is .

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How can you create a SolidWorks drawing from an existing part?

To create a drawing from within a part or assembly document:

  1. Click Make Drawing from Part/Assembly. (Standard toolbar or New. flyout menu).
  2. Select options for Sheet Format/Size, then click OK.
  3. Drag views from the View Palette into the drawing sheet, and set options in the PropertyManager.

How do I save a part template?

Click File > Save As. Select a template type for Save as type: Part Templates (*. prtdot)

How do I change custom properties in SolidWorks?

To edit custom properties:

  1. Click Edit List on the Custom tab of the Summary Information dialog box. The Edit Custom Property List dialog box shows a list of properties.
  2. In the list, you can add or delete properties, or move the properties up or down.

How do you change created in SolidWorks?

1 Answer. You can’t change the date/time of creating the file. You also can’t change/remove the designer’s name. All you can do is just make another copy (Save As) and it’ll be with your details.

How do I change units in SolidWorks?

Go to Tools>Options>Document Properties>Units to change the units that are being used within the SOLIDWORKS design environment. There is also the units’ popup menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the SOLIDWORKS screen.

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