How do you turn off the corridor in Civil 3d?

How do you turn off Corridor lines in Civil 3D?

Its simple. start the layoff command. click on any line on the corridor. poof gone.

How do you clear corridor bowties in Civil 3D?

To turn on the ability to clear a bowtie, on the Toolspace, Settings tab, Corridors collection, right-click and select Edit Feature Settings. Expand Automatic Clear Bowtie Options.

How do you show a corridor in Civil 3D?

To view Autodesk Civil 3D objects in the Corridor Section Editor

  1. Select a corridor in the drawing.
  2. Click Corridor tab Modify Corridor Sections panel Section Editor .
  3. Click Section Editor tab View Tools panel Display Objects.
  4. In the Display Objects in Section Editor dialog box, specify the objects you want to view.

How do I delete a corridor in Autocad?

In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the Corridors collection. Right-click the corridor. Click Delete. The corridor is erased from the drawing and removed from the Corridors collection in the Prospector tree.

How do I change the code set style?

To change the code set style used by the corridor, click the Code Set Style list or use the standard style creation tools to edit or create a style. These styles control the way the corridor is displayed in section view. Click to view information for the selected style. Click Apply.

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