Nesting 3D cone in Autocad

Nesting 3D cone in Autocad

If you are in manufacturing area or similar areas probably you are drawing some drawing with nested cone. That’s is very hard to calculate and draw in  Autocad. In this post you will learn how to do that in simple way.

Probably you once faced with 3D cone nesting problem in Autocad and search a lot to find that tool which can do it. I will tell you bad news. In AutoCAD no any tool that can nest 3D cone and make it opened sheet. Of course, you can calculate it using math and then draw it manually. I must say that this is very hard work and if you need nest a lot of cones then it will very long work.

To make your work easier I want to share you a little tool that can help you. I find this tool on the internet and it’s totally free. It has a very simple interface and it is Russian software but I will show you how you can use. In my computer, it doesn’t show any letter and instead of the letter it shows a question mark.

In attached file you will find 2 files. Put it in one folder and open DeW_cone.exe by click on it. Download

You will see software window. I translate it for you.

Cone nest software

1. Enter cone parameters in fields.

2. Click on Calculate button. You will get a result on the right site of the window.

3. Now you can export into Autocad script file. After clicking on Export in software folder you will see a file with aCreated script for autocad name that contains parameters that you entered.

4. Now open your Autocad and enter SCRIPT into command panel.

Enter script in Autocad

5. In opened window choose script file that you create with software and open it.

You will get nested cone drawing

As you can see we spend just 1 minute to get this nested cone drawing.

Nested cone in Autocad


What additional information you can get from this software?

After clicking on calculate you will get result of calculation on right side of software window. As all information in Russian I offering you translating version.

You can get Blank area and Nested area parameters. Also weight of cone in different materials like Steel, Aluminum and Copper.


Software parameters

If you will have any question please open post in community forum.





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Do you want to get useful materials about CAD / CAM / CNC and Laser machine that will help you grow in your job and rise your business