Everything about Autocad object selection

Everything about Autocad object selection

In Autocad, objects can be select in different ways and every way select an object it own way. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can use selection tools.

 In Autocad has many different ways to select an object. As in every software first selection tool is mouse cursor and in Autocad mouse cursor has several types of selection.

Ok let’s see what type of selections Autocad has. I you give attention to mouse cursor when you are selecting some object you can realize that when you are moving you to left it turn into green and when you are moving to right it turn into blue. So what do they mean?

Autocad mass select

Selecting object with rectangle

If you click one time with mouse left button and move it to left your selection rectangle will turn green and every object that will touch it will be selected.

On the contrary, if you will move your mouse cursor to right then selection boundary will turn a blue and any object that entirely will be inside of boundary will be selected.

As you can see selection boundary is a rectangle, but there has another selection method and it calls Lasso.

Lasso select in Autocad

To use Lasso selection tool you need just click with your mouse button and keep it. After your selection will over just release the button.

Above you learn how to mass select object in Autocad. I want to show another selection method for single select.

Single select in Autocad

Now let’s watch what we can do with single object select. You probably know that if click one object then clicks on the second object both object will be selected without any button holding. In another design software if you can select several objects then you need to keep some button like CTRL or Shift. But by default in Autocad activated option Multi Select.

So how you can activate or deactivate Multi-select options.

If you don’t want to use Multi-select and want to select all object only once then hit CTRL+1.

You will see Properties panel will open.

On the top side of Properties panel, you will see blue icon. When you will click on, icon will change.

Properties panel in Autocad

After icon will change you will select object one by one. But if you will need several objects then you can keep Shift button and select multi objects.


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