Frequent question: How do you mirror Ansys?

How do you use Ansys Mirror?

Mirrored objects are created on the same layer as the original object.

To mirror an object

  1. (Optional) Create the plane you want to use as a mirror using the Insert Plane tool and position it with the Move tool.
  2. Click Mirror. …
  3. Click the plane to use as a mirror.
  4. Click the Mirror.

How do you Mirror Ansys sketch?

How can I mirror it? For the existing sketch, you can use ‘Mirror’ command in the sketch mode. Set the line as Mirror and then use the box selection to select the sketch to be mirrored.

How do you move the geometry in Ansys Workbench?

3) Go to the Create menu => Body Operation and change the “Type” to “Move”. Select the valve body that you want to move. Then Select the Source and Destination Planes… 4) Hit generate.

How do you show symmetry in CFD post?

With CFD-Post loaded, click File > Load State and select the . cst file. Right click in the graphics menu, and click Reflect/Mirror. Post asks “Which direction do you want the normal in?” Click the axis desired for mirroring the geometry.

How do you translate Ansys?

To translate or rotate a body, perform the following steps: ◾To translate a body or geometry: Select the body or geometry that you want to translate. On the Translate tab, select the Scalar Translate radio button. Then, click the button for an axis to move the body along that axis.

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How do you offset in Spaceclaim?

To dimension the offset, type the distance you want to pull and press Enter. Press and hold Ctrl to offset a copy of the face as a surface. Neighboring faces automatically extend to bound the offset face. You can also use the Up To tool guide to pull up to any edge, plane, surface, or face in your design.

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