How do I constrain an assembly in SolidWorks?

To define assembly constraints: Under Tolerance Assembly, select a part to constrain in the simplified assembly. For example, in the following two-part assembly, you selected the part with a boss as Base part in Assembly Sequence. Select the hole plate part to constrain it.

What is an assembly constraint?

Assembly constraints establish the orientation of the components in the assembly and simulate mechanical relationships between components. For example, you can: Mate two planes. Specify that cylindrical features on two parts remain concentric.

What are the constraints available for assembly?

This article describes the constraint types available in Assembly Design.

  • Constraints in Assembly Design. The Fix Constraint. The Offset Constraint. The Coincidence Constraint. The Angle Constraint. The Contact Constraint.
  • Constraint Types in Assembly Design.

Which is the first constraint in assembly?

The first part you place in an assembly is grounded. Its position is fixed, with the part origin coincident with the assembly origin. When you place the next part and constrain it to the grounded part, it moves to the grounded part.

What is the difference between a mate and flush constraint?

What is the difference between a mate and flush constraint? Mate: two surfaces face to face. Flush: two surfaces side by side or two edges side by side.

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How many types of assembly constraints are there?

There are four basic assembly constraints, each with unique solutions and options.

What is constraint Catia v5?

To create a precise 2D sketch in CATIA, we use constraints. … It means that we are restricting the degree of freedom of the sketch. Consider, you want to constraint a line. If you provide its length, then it ensures that the length of the line is under control.

Which of the following is not an assembly constraint?

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Question Answer
Which constraint defines a line in the X direction? Horizontal
Which constraint defines an entity equidistant from another entity? Parallel
Which of the following is not an assembly constraint tool? Bisect
Which tool is used to locate a shaft into a hole? Insert

What is constraint SOLIDWORKS?

Define constraints to specify the conditions that your design must satisfy. The constraints can be driven global variables or sensors for mass properties, dimensions, and simulation data.

What is the object called in SOLIDWORKS?

A single 3D object made up of features. A part can become a component in an assembly, and it can be represented in 2D in a drawing. Examples of parts are bolt, pin, plate, and so on. The extension for a SOLIDWORKS part file name is .

How do you invent a mate?

To drag a component into position and place a Mate constraint

  1. Hold down ALT , and then click the component to drag.
  2. Drag the component into position. …
  3. When the component is in the appropriate position, release the mouse to place the mate constraint.
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How do I constrain in Inventor 2021?

In an active sketch, click Sketch tab Constrain panel Coincident Constraint (2D)or3D Sketch tab Constrain panel Coincident Constraint (3D sketch). In the graphics window, click to set the point to constrain. Click the geometry to which the point is constrained.

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