How do I get rid of the Task Pane in SOLIDWORKS?

How do I move the Task Pane in SOLIDWORKS?

Controlling the Appearance of the Task Pane

  1. To float the Task Pane, drag it by the title bar into the graphics area.
  2. To dock the Task Pane when it is floating, click in the title bar.

What is the task pane SOLIDWORKS?

The Task Pane provides access to SOLIDWORKS resources, libraries of reusable design elements, views to drag onto drawing sheets, and other useful items and information. In a customized interface that you create using the Property Tab Builder, enter custom properties in SOLIDWORKS files. …

How do I open the Task Pane in SOLIDWORKS?

Open SOLIDWORKS and right click in the Menu bar. From the right click Command Manager menu select Task Pane. The Task Pane will appear on the right hand side of the graphics window.

How do you delete a resource in SOLIDWORKS?

Go to the SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor icon in the right-hand corner of Windows and right click on the icon. Select “Dismiss Graphics Notifications.” This is the best and easiest way to simply get rid of the reminder. Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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Where is command manager in SOLIDWORKS?

To access the CommandManager:

  1. Click Tools > Customize.
  2. On the Toolbars tab, select Enable CommandManager.
  3. Click OK.

What is the feature manager in SOLIDWORKS?

The FeatureManager design tree makes selection and filtering operations simple, and provides access to many folders and tools that are useful when working with models. The FeatureManager design tree on the left side of the SOLIDWORKS window provides an outline view of the active part, assembly, or drawing.

How do I add PDM to task pane?

Activating the SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in

  1. In SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > Add-ins and verify that SOLIDWORKS PDM is selected.
  2. Click the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon to open the Task Pane.
  3. In SOLIDWORKS, open or create a part, drawing, or assembly to view SOLIDWORKS PDM information for the file in the Task Pane.

How do I get my toolbar back in SOLIDWORKS?

Right-click on the menu bar or command manager again at the top of the SOLIDWORKS display area, but this time select Customize -> Toolbars -> Reset To Defaults and confirm by selecting Yes.

How do I fillet in SOLIDWORKS?

To create fillets:

  1. Click Fillet on the Features toolbar, or click Insert, Features, Fillet/Round.
  2. Set the PropertyManager options. For constant radius fillets only, you can use the FilletXpert to add or modify fillets and to manage fillet corners.
  3. Click OK .

How do I simplify an assembly in Solidworks?

Click Simplify (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Find/Modify > Simplify. On the Simplify Task Pane: Select items in Features to specify the types of features to search for. Set the Simplification factor to increase or decrease the insignificant volume factor.

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How do you name a feature in Solidworks?

Click-pause-click the component. Right-click the component and select Rename Assembly or Rename Part.

How do you stop a diagnostic in SOLIDWORKS?

Every tenth time you start SOLIDWORKS, a Check Your System message appears and recommends that you run system diagnostics again. To suppress these notifications, right-click SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor in the Windows notification area and click Turn Off Notifications.

How do I run a diagnostic in SOLIDWORKS?

When the Installation Manager completes installing and displays the Finish page, under Check Your System, click Run System Diagnostics. SOLIDWORKS Rx launches and runs diagnostics.

The shortcut menu also lets you:

  1. Display Help for the SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor.
  2. Run System Diagnostics.
  3. Update Graphics Drivers.

What is SOLIDWORKS system diagnostics?

SOLIDWORKS RX helps you to diagnose and understand how your current hardware and OS environment will impact on the use of SOLIDWORKS, it can also provide recommendations for improvements, as well as help you to capture and communicate technical support issues with a three-step problem capture wizard.

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