How do I link properties in Solidworks?

To link text to a property:

  1. Click Link to Property in the Note PropertyManager.
  2. Select the place to link from: …
  3. In Property name, select a property from the list of available properties, which depends on your selection in step 2 and where you create the note.

Linking an Annotation to a Custom Property of a Subassembly

  1. In a drawing view of an assembly that contains a subassembly, create a note with a leader that is attached to a subassembly component.
  2. While creating the note, in the Note PropertyManager, under Text Format, select Link to Property .

To add mass properties:

  1. Enter a Property Name for the mass property.
  2. Select Text from the Type list.
  3. Under Value / Text Expression, select the appropriate mass property from the list. Mass properties use the following, system-generated format: …
  4. Press Tab or Enter. The value of the property appears under Evaluated Value.

What is $PRP in Solidworks?

You can use the SOLIDWORKS Summary Information dialog box to create the custom properties that link to drawings and SOLIDWORKS PDM data cards. To link a drawing custom property to its title block using a $PRP link: … The value from the Description property is displayed in the title block.

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How do I edit a custom property in Solidworks?

To edit custom properties:

  1. Click Edit List on the Custom tab of the Summary Information dialog box. The Edit List dialog box with the list of properties appears.
  2. You can do one of the following: Add. Type a name in the box and click Add. Delete. Select a property from the list and click Delete. Move Up.

How do I create a custom property in Solidworks?

Adding Custom Properties

  1. Click in the first blank cell under Property Name, then type a name or choose one from the list.
  2. Select a Type from the list. …
  3. Under Value / Text Expression, enter a value for the custom property that is compatible with the selection in the Type cell. …
  4. Press Tab or Enter.

Click Options or Tools > Options. Select Default Templates. Click the appropriate browse button (Parts, Assemblies, or Drawings). In the New SOLIDWORKS Document dialog box, select the template you prepared and click OK.

How do you update a title block in Solidworks?

To edit the title block, the sheet properties, or add or delete a sheet, right click anywhere on the sheet in the design space and select the desired option. To edit the title block, once Edit Sheet Format has been selected, the title block can be edited.

How do you customize a title block in Solidworks?

Do one of the following:

  1. On the Sheet Format toolbar, click Edit Sheet Format , then click Title Block Fields .
  2. On the Sheet Format CommandManager, click Edit Sheet Format , then click Title Block Fields .
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree of a drawing, right-click Sheet Format and click Edit Sheet Format .
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How do you show weight in Solidworks drawing?

Click Mass Properties (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Mass Properties. The calculated mass properties appear in the dialog box. If an assembly contains components with overridden mass properties, those components are listed at the bottom of the Mass Properties dialog box.

How do you assign a weight in Solidworks?

Assign values for mass, center of mass, and moments of inertia to override the calculated values. To open this dialog box: Click Tools > Evaluate > Mass Properties and then, in the Mass Properties dialog box, click Override Mass Properties.

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