How do I select all surfaces in Catia?

How do I select multiple in Catia?

Selecting Multiple Surfaces

  1. Click Modification in the Modification toolbar.
  2. Select Subdivision Surface. 1 .
  3. Click Multi-Selection . You can also access this command by pressing CTRL+SPACE .
  4. Press Crtl key and select Subdivision Surface. 3 .
  5. Click Multi Selection and you are back to Modification command.

How do I select all points in Catia?

Select Tools > Customize , access the Commands tab, select All Commands in the Categories list then drag and drop the Reset Selection Filters command onto the User Selection Filter toolbar (or any other toolbar):

How do I select lines in Catia?

Further presses of the up/down arrow keys will scroll through the surfaces and curves below the cursor allowing you to pick the right one. Alternatively you can directly select the option you want from the list. Pressing the “Esc” key at any time will exit this function.

How do you cut surfaces in Catia?

Splitting Closed Surfaces by Two Connex Surfaces or Curves

  1. Click Join . The Join Definition dialog box appears.
  2. Select Split. 1 and Inverse. …
  3. Clear Check connexity .
  4. Click OK to create the joined surface.
  5. Click Split . The Split Definition dialog box is displayed.
  6. Select Surface. …
  7. Click OK to split the closed surface.

What is the difference between split and trim in Catia?

Split: Split in CATIA is used to cut off one element with another element. … Trim: By the Trim option in Catia, a user can cut off two elements interchangeably. When we are going to trim, it is important to select the elements that we are going to cut off(They will appear in the trimmed elements field).

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