How do you center view in Fusion 360?

Yes you can, just double click your mouse center scroll wheel and the part will center in the screen.

How do you center mesh in Fusion 360?

When you insert a mesh, there’s an option to center the mesh body. If you’ve already placed the mesh, you can edit the mesh body in the timeline or enter the mesh environment (direct modeling) and use the Move command.

What does grounding do in Fusion 360?

Grounding locks the origin of the grounded component to the top level origin in that design/file and only there. So an assembly has its own origin. When you ground the assembly its origin it’s fixed.

How do you search in Fusion 360?


  1. Customizable – Your favorite command can be added to the toolbox by simply searching for the command (after hitting S on your keyboard) and hitting the up arrow.
  2. Searchable – Instead of looking through toolbars, hit the S – key and start typing then hit enter to start the command.

What does capture position mean in Fusion 360?

Capture Position creates a Capture Position feature in the timeline. This feature captures the position of all components in the design in their current positions. You need this if you are doing something that is position-dependent.

How do you stop orbit in Fusion 360?

Solution: Hit the Escape key to cancel out of the Orbit command. If that does not work, save all open documents and restart Fusion 360.

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