How do you derive a part in Solidworks?

How do you make a derived part in Solidworks?

To create a derived part from an assembly component:

  1. In an assembly document, select a component.
  2. Click File > Derive Component Part. …
  3. Under Transfer, select any combination of items from the seed component to be included in the derived part.

What is a Solidworks derived part?

You can create a part directly from an existing part. The new part, called a derived part, has the original part as its first feature. By default, the derived part is linked to the original part by means of an external reference. Any changes to the original part are reflected in the derived part.

How do you make a derived part?

Create a Derived Part

  1. Create a part file: …
  2. On the ribbon, click Manage tab Insert panel Derive .
  3. In the Open dialog box, browse to the part file (IPT) to use as the base part or component (not available in Inventor LT), and click Open.
  4. Select the Derive style.

How do you edit a derived part in Solidworks?

To edit the original part from which another part is derived:

  1. Right-click the derived part, and select Edit In Context. If the part was derived using an insert part or a mirror part, the original part document is opened. …
  2. Change the original part as needed.
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Which command should you select to create new part in Solidworks?

Click New Part on the Assembly toolbar, or click Insert > Component > New Part.

How do you use the base part function in Solidworks?

Use Insert Part to insert a base part into another part document. You can create a new part from solid bodies or surface bodies by using the Insert Into New Part command. You can use Mirror Part to create a part that is an opposite-hand version of an existing part.

What is derived Assembly?

A derived assembly (not available in Inventor LT) is a new part that references an existing assembly. … You create a derived part using a part, assembly (not available in Inventor LT), sheet metal part, or weldment as the base component, selecting elements to include and exclude.

How do you replace a derived part in Inventor?

Right-click the derive feature in the browser and choose Edit Derived Part or Edit Derived Assembly. Use this option to change the objects you chose when you originally derived the part or assembly. Updates are automatically reflected in the current file.

How would you find the mass of a part design in Solidworks?

Select items (components or solid bodies) to be evaluated. If no component or solid body is selected, the mass properties for the entire assembly or part are reported. Click Mass Properties (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Mass Properties. The calculated mass properties appear in the dialog box.

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