How do you show spaces in Revit?

How do you make a space visible in Revit?


  1. In the Project Browser, open a floor plan or section view that contains the space that you want to modify. …
  2. Make spaces visible, if needed.
  3. Select a space either in the floor plan, in the section view, or in the System Browser.
  4. On the Properties palette, modify the space properties.
  5. Click OK.

How do you show parts in Revit?

With the view set to Show Parts Only, select the outermost part and select Show Shape Handles on the Properties palette. Note to use the Shape Handles to edit the part’s dimensions and repeat for each succeeding layer until the desired representation is achieved.

How do you exclude a section in Revit?

To exclude a part from the model

  1. Select the part.
  2. Click Modify | Parts tab Exclude panel (Exclude Parts).

How do you divide a line into equal parts in Revit?

To divide a line into equal segments

Draw or pick a line. On the Toolbar, click the Split icon. Split the line into the number of segments required (they do not need to be equally spaced at this point).

What are Revit parts?

Part elements in Revit support the construction modeling process by letting you divide certain elements from the design intent model into discrete parts. These parts, and any smaller parts derived from them, can be independently scheduled, tagged, filtered, and exported.

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How do you split a wall in Revit?

Split Walls Horizontally

  1. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Split Element).
  2. Place the cursor on the wall or line at the point you wish to split. Note: A stacked wall can only be split vertically. …
  3. Click to place the split. A permanent horizontal line displays on the wall indicating the split.

How do you draw shapes in Revit?

Sketch a Rectangle

  1. Select a tool that allows for a rectangle. …
  2. Click Modify | Place Lines tab (or respective Modify | Place tab or Modify | Create tab) Draw panel (Rectangle).
  3. On the Options Bar: …
  4. Click in the drawing area to specify the first corner of the rectangle.
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