How do you subtract a body in Solidworks?

How do you transform bodies in SolidWorks?

Converting Features to Bodies and Surfaces

  1. Open an assembly file, such as the HousingAssy. …
  2. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click Housing and click Open Part . …
  3. At the top of the FeatureManager design tree, right-click Housing and click Convert to Bodies.
  4. In the dialog box: …
  5. Click Window > HousingAssy.

How do you insert a line break in Solidworks?

To create a projection split line:

  1. Click Split Line. (Curves toolbar) or Insert > Curve > Split Line.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Type of Split, select Projection.
  3. Under Selections, click: A sketch for Sketch to Project . You can select multiple contours from the same sketch to split. …
  4. Click . Before. After.

How do you use the cavity feature in SolidWorks?

Cavity PropertyManager

  1. Optional: Insert the design parts and the mold base into an interim assembly.
  2. In the assembly window, select the mold base, and click Edit Component on the Assembly toolbar. …
  3. Click Cavity on the Mold Tools toolbar, or click Insert > Mold > Cavity.

How do you convert solid bodies to parts in Solidworks?

Saving Split Bodies

  1. Click Insert > Features > Save Bodies.
  2. Select the bodies to save in the graphics area, or under in Resulting Parts. …
  3. Under Resulting Parts, double-click each file name under File to open the Save As dialog box. …
  4. Select Consume cut bodies to copy cut-list items from multibody parts to resulting parts.
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Can you split a surface in Solidworks?

You can split surfaces with the Split tool. You can also split a combination of surfaces and solid bodies. To split a surface: Open install_dir sampleswhatsnewpartssplit.

How do I simplify a Solidworks model?

Click Simplify (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Find/Modify > Simplify. On the Simplify Task Pane: Select items in Features to specify the types of features to search for. Set the Simplification factor to increase or decrease the insignificant volume factor.

What does the split line feature do in Solidworks?

tool projects an entity (sketch, solid, surface, face, plane, or surface spline) to surfaces, or curved or planar faces. It divides a selected face into multiple separate faces.

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