Is solidworks generative design?

ParetoWorks is an add-in to Solidworks platform allowing engineers to stay in their CAD environment and generate early stage concepts. … Each design concept is generated to meet the performance constraints and objectives.

What is the benefit of using the generative design tool found in SOLIDWORKS?

The new Topology Study in SOLIDWORKS® Simulation enables you to quickly and easily optimize shapes from the start of your design work—resulting in lighter, higher–quality parts that are fit for manufacturing.

What can generative design do?

Generative design lets you create optimized complex shapes and internal lattices. Some of these forms are impossible to make with traditional manufacturing methods. Instead, they’re built using new additive manufacturing methods.

How is generative design different from normal design?

Generative Design Defined

Unlike traditional design, where the process begins with a model based on an engineer’s knowledge, generative design begins with design parameters and uses AI to generate the model.

How does generative design relate to 3D printing?

Generative design, or topology optimization, is a goal-oriented approach to part design. Commonly used alongside 3D printing technology, generative design software takes as input a number of design goals such as part performance, spatial limitations, materials, production processes, and cost constraints.

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Is generative design useful?

The advantage of using generative design as a design tool is that it does not construct fixed geometries, but take a set of design rules that can generate an infinite set of possible design solutions. The generated design solutions can be more sensitive, responsive, and adaptive to the wicked problem.

How long does a generative design take?

Most of the studies I tend to do take 2 ish hours to start showing results that will resemble the finished article. And then about 4-5 hours to completely finish.

Who invented generative design?

You can also go read another post about this generative design offer on the Fusion 360 blog here. Or, if you want to hear from Inventor master Luke Mihelcic, then read his post from 2018 about expanding your Inventor workflow with generative design here.

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