Quick Answer: How do you change the background on Lumion?

Can you change background in Lumion?

How to do it… On the left-hand side of the screen, select the Landscape menu and click on the Terrain submenu button. If your terrain is a plane, you may not notice all the variations; therefore, if you want to see how the landscape is affected, click on the Make large mountain option.

How do you render in Lumion 4?

In Lumion 4. x, add the Lights -> Utilities -> Reflection control object to your scene to specify the position where the 360 degree panoramic reflection texture should be rendered at. If you do not add this object to your scene it will be placed a few hundred meters above the terrain.

Can you import images into Lumion?

Generally users will place the image using their 3D modelling application. For example in Revit as a Decal, and in SketchUp, various ways, including make a surface and apply the texture as a material. Then import to Lumion. In Lumion you can add an object that is a Plane and position it just in front of the wall.

How do I match my property to Lumion?

2.1: If you have assigned a material from the Lumion Material Library to a surface and you want to paste the material to a different surface, please click on the Menu button at the top of the Material Editor panel, and then click on Edit: 2.2: With Copy and Paste you transfer the material to a different surface.

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