Quick Answer: How do you create your front view in Catia?

How do you choose front view?


  1. Does it show the contour of the part?
  2. Does it look stable?
  3. Does the part appear in its natural position?
  4. Does the view include the longest overall dimension of the part?
  5. Does the view have few hidden lines…. and result in few hidden lines in the other views?

How do I change the view on Catia v5?

Editing the View Angle

  1. Select View > Commands List then choose View Angle from the list or enter directly c:view angle in the power input field. …
  2. Select Perspective . …
  3. Drag the green arrow (which turns red) to change the view angle.

What is the other name of top view?

Although six different sides can be drawn, usually three views of a drawing give enough information to make a three-dimensional object. These views are known as front view, top view and end view. Other names for these views include plan, elevation and section.

What is front view and top view?

Front view of an object shows the width and height dimensions. Page 7. Horizontal plane of projection. Horizontal plane of projection is the plane onto which the Top View of the multi-view drawing is projected. Top view of an object shows the width and depth dimensions.

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What is the front view called?

What is another word for front view?

frontispiece facade
façade face
front frontage
frontal building front
aspect forepart

What makes up the front view?

A front view is a projection view obtained by drawing perpendiculars from all points on the edges of the part to the plane of projection. The plane of projection upon which the front view is projected is called the frontal plane. … projecting points from 3D.

What is the meaning of front view?

of, in, or at the front: a frontal view; frontal attack. … of, relating to, or situated near the forehead or the frontal bone.

How do I align parts in Catia?

Aligning Objects

  1. Double-click the item (e.g., a tool) that you want to align. …
  2. On the Layout Tools toolbar, click the black arrow on Align Side. …
  3. Select the icon for the type of alignment you want to perform: …
  4. Define the plane to use as a reference for alignment.

How do I change my origin point in Catia?

CATPart document.

  1. Select Insert > Axis System from the menu bar or click Axis System . …
  2. Select the point as shown to position the origin of the axis system you wish to create. …
  3. If you are not satisfied with x axis, for instance click the X Axis field and select a line to define a new direction for x axis.

How do I change absolute axis in Catia?

Start CATIA V5 1. Open attached CATPart 2. Click Absolute Axis System in the tree and select Replace by MB3 3. Select Axis System.

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