What is a solution architecture document?

Solution architecture is the detailed and structured description of the features, process and behavior of the solution. It acts as the base of the solution to define, deliver, manage and operate the development process of the solution. It identifies the alternatives of the solutions and its components.

How do you write a solution design document?

Here’s a template for your next design document

  1. Overview. Start at the beginning. …
  2. Background. It’s unlikely that writing the design document is the first time you’ve thought about the problem. …
  3. Goals, non-goals, and future goals. …
  4. Detailed design. …
  5. Third-party considerations. …
  6. Work estimates. …
  7. Roll-out plan. …
  8. Alternative approaches.

What does a solution architect do?

A solutions architect is responsible for evaluating an organization’s business needs and determining how IT can support those needs leveraging software, hardware, or infrastructure. … Solution architecture itself encompasses business, system, information, security, application and technology architecture.

Is solution architect a good job?

The solution architect position is good as it mixes great technical experience and partial managerial competency. From this position, you can move into a wide range of directions. At first, you can grow as a successful architect of the solutions and be highly profitable and the most sought-after expert on the market.

What is a good solution design?

The solution design stage on the project is all about designing something that will meet the most amount of requirements possible but it still feasible in terms of cost.

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What is a design specification document?

A design specification is a detailed document providing a list of points regarding a product or process. For example, the design specification could include required dimensions, environmental factors, ergonomic factors, aesthetic factors, maintenance that will be needed, etc.

Does solution architect require coding?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect doesn’t require coding skills to enter or prosper in your career. … But in general, you as Solutions Architect needs to understand coding to make informed decisions for your team.

What skills does a solutions architect need?

For experience, Solution Architects are oftentimes required to have practical skills and knowledge in:

  • Computer and operating systems.
  • Infrastructure and engineering design.
  • DevOps.
  • System security measures.
  • Business analysis.
  • Database management.
  • Cloud development.
  • Web platforms.
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