What is an enterprise architecture diagram?

What is enterprise architecture means?

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a discipline for proactively and holistically leading enterprise responses to disruptive forces by identifying and analyzing the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes.

How do you create an enterprise architecture?

8 Steps for a High-Impact Enterprise Architecture Program

  1. Step 1: Adopt a business-outcome-driven EA program. …
  2. Step 2: Construct a value proposition. …
  3. Step 3: Start with business architecture first. …
  4. Step 4: Determine organizational design. …
  5. Step 5: Determine skill sets and staffing. …
  6. Step 6: Determine governance and assurance.

What does an enterprise architecture team do?

An enterprise architect is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of an organization’s IT networks and services. As an enterprise architect, you will be responsible for overseeing, improving and upgrading enterprise services, software and hardware.

What is enterprise architecture example?

Enterprise architecture vendors, tools and certifications

Some example vendors include Orbus Software, Software AG, Planview, Avolution and Sparx Systems. ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management is an example of one EA tool, used for full visibility.

What are the key concepts of enterprise architecture?

In the case of Enterprise Architecture, these models describe the logical business functions or capabilities, business processes, human roles and actors, the physical organization structure, data flows and data stores, business applications and platform applications, hardware, and communications infrastructure.

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How do you manage enterprise architecture?

The following sub-governance processes are further supported by a list of control activities:

  1. Develop the enterprise architecture vision. …
  2. Define reference architecture. …
  3. Select opportunities and solutions. …
  4. Define architecture implementation. …
  5. Provide enterprise architecture services.

What do all enterprise architecture models have in common?

It contains all the needed pieces for a powerful framework. It has a common vocabulary to use, recommended standards and compliance methods, suggested software and tools, and even a method to define best practices.

What is a good enterprise architecture?

An excellent enterprise architecture strategy is future-oriented. It is designed using the latest business process innovations, information systems, technologies, and organizational structures. Our goals for your enterprise architecture include creating reusable and discoverable assets for your business.

What are the different levels of architecture?

The three architectural levels described by the Zachman Framework, which are also found in the TOGAF and ArchiMate frameworks, represent different degrees of abstraction at which the enterprise can be modeled. In order of increasing detail, these are the Conceptual level, the Logical level, and the Physical level.

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