What is baseline in AutoCAD?

What is baseline AutoCAD?

Creates a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension from the baseline of the previous or selected dimension. Find The default spacing between baseline dimensions can be set from the Dimension Style Manager, Lines tab, Baseline Spacing (DIMDLI system variable).

How do you use baseline in AutoCAD?

How do you dimension a baseline in AutoCAD?

  1. Click Annotate tab Dimensions panel Baseline. …
  2. If prompted, select the base dimension. …
  3. Use an object snap to select the second extension line origin, or press Enter to select any dimension as the base dimension. …

What does RO mean in AutoCAD?


P PAN / Adds a parameter with grips to a dynamic block definition.
REN RENAME / Changes the names assigned to items such as layers and dimension styles.
REV REVDATE /Inserts or updates a block containing user name, current time and date, and drawing name.
RO ROTATE / Rotates objects around a base point.

What are ordinate dimensions?

Ordinate Dimensioning:

Ordinate dimensioning is used when the X and the Y coordinates, from one location, are the only dimensions necessary. … Each dimension has only one leader line and a numerical value. Ordinate dimensions do not have extension lines or arrows.

What is a chain dimension?

Chain dimensions are reference dimensions driven by the geometry. You cannot change their values or use the values to drive the model. When you create chain dimensions, your first selection defines the starting edge of the chain. Subsequent selections are measured from one selection to the next.

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What is a baseline drawing?

(in perspective drawing) a horizontal line in the immediate foreground formed by the intersection of the ground plane and the picture plane. a basic standard or level; guideline: to establish a baseline for future studies.

What are the rules for dimensioning?

Dimensions should NOT be duplicated, or the same information given in two different ways. Don’t over-‐define or under-‐define the object. 2. No unnecessary dimensions should be used – only those needed to produce or inspect the part.

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