What is post processing in Ansys?

What is post processor in Ansys?

POST 1 general processor is used to review the results for static or steady state problems while POST 26 is used for transient problems. To enter POST 1 or POST 26 requires selection from ANSYS < Main Menu < General Postprocessor.

How do I see results from Ansys?


  1. Open ANSYS Mechanical and select Solution from the model tree.
  2. Click Tools > Read Result Files and locate the . …
  3. Click User Defined Result and enter the SVAR to view. …
  4. Enter a Display Time.
  5. Right-click User Defined Result in the model tree and select Evaluate All Results.

How do I read CDB files in Ansys?

Right-click the Setup cell of the External Model system, and choose Edit: A Data Source window opens; Browse to the CDB file of interest: Find the CDB file for import, click it, and click Open.

What is ISO surface in Ansys?

Basically , ISO surface is just link up all the point with same value. For example, u want see all place with velocity = 10m/s, then u specify this value in ISO surface. fluent will link up all place with velocity =10m/s and make it a surface. Then u have to open up the light at view to get the 3D render view.

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What is CFD-post?

Post-processing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data is a vital step in order to accurately derive the right conclusions from the models, present the results to decision-makers, and ensure the best product design. … Design decisions require optimization studies which mean a large number of individual CFD simulations.

How do you save Ansys Workbench results?

To save your model, select Utility Menu Bar -> File -> Save As Jobname. db. Your model will be saved in a file called jobname. db, where jobname is the name that you specified in the Launcher when you first started ANSYS.

How do you save Ansys results?

Select ‘Elem Table Data’, and choose what you want to list from the menu. You can pick multiple items. When the list appears on the screen in its own window, Select ‘File’/’Save As…‘ and give a file name to store the results.

What is .DB file in Ansys?

db file. This file stores the geometry, boundary conditions and any solutions. Once the ANSYS has started, and the jobname has been specified, you need only activate the resume command to proceed from where you last left off (see Saving and Restoring Jobs).

How do I change Ansys model?

Tools>>Options>>General Options, Click the “3D Modeler” option on the left hand side and then enable “Edit properties of new primitives.” With or without this setting, you have the option of editing things like location, size and materials of any object after you’ve drawn it in the Modeler window.

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