Best answer: How do you add a project information parameter in Revit?

How do you add a project parameter to a family in Revit?

Add Shared Parameters to Families

  1. Start creating a family or open an existing one.
  2. In the drawing, select the object.
  3. Click Modify | <object> tab Properties panel (Family Types).
  4. In the Family Types dialog, near the bottom, click New Parameter.
  5. In the Parameter Properties dialog, select Shared parameter.

How do you assign a parameter in Revit?

Assign a Global Parameter

  1. Select the element and locate the instance or type parameter.
  2. Click the button to the right of the parameter and its value. …
  3. (Optional) Click (New Global Parameter) to create a compatible global parameter.
  4. Select a global parameter from the list to assign to the parameter.
  5. Click OK.

Where is project information in Revit?

Click Manage tab Settings panel Project Information.

In the Project Information dialog, specify the following:

  1. Organization Name.
  2. Organization Description.
  3. Building Name.
  4. Author.
  5. Energy Settings. …
  6. Project Issue Date.
  7. Project Status.

How do you edit a project information family in Revit?

Go to manage, project or shared parameters and add your required information as instance or type properties for any category you need. If you add project parameters, the property is then added directly to the category you decide.

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What is a project parameter in Revit?

Project parameters are containers for information you define and then add to multiple categories of elements in a project. Project parameters are specific to the project and cannot be shared with other projects. You can then use those project parameters in multi-category or single-category schedules.

How do you set parameters in your project?

Project parameters define the scope, budget, schedule, and quality of the project. There is an interrelationship among these parameters. If you choose to increase the scope, you must also increase the schedule or budget.

How do you change project parameters in Revit?

Create or Modify Project Parameters

  1. Click Manage tab Settings panel (Project Parameters).
  2. (If creating a new parameter) In the Project Parameters dialog, click Add.
  3. (If modifying an existing parameter) In the Project Parameters dialog select the parameter to modify, click Modify.

How do you add identity data in Revit?

Change the Identity Data of a Material

  1. Click Manage tab Settings panel Materials.
  2. In the Material Browser, select the material to change in the project materials list.
  3. In the Material Editor panel, click the Identity tab.
  4. Edit the parameter values as necessary. …
  5. To save the changes to the material, click Apply.

Can project parameters be used in tags?

Unlike shared parameters, project parameters cannot be used in tags for model elements. Instance Parameters (Instance Properties).

Where can the Project Information dialog be accessed?

The Project Information dialog is located under the menu Project – Project Information. The Project Information dialog can be also accessed by going to the File menu – Info tab – Project Information.

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How do I edit project browser family?

In the drawing area or the Project Browser (under Families), right-click the family, and click Edit. The family opens in the Family Editor.

Modify Families in a Project (or Nested Family)

  1. Click Overwrite the existing version.
  2. Click Overwrite the existing version and its parameter values. …
  3. Click Cancel.

How do you edit in Revit?

Select an instance of the family in the drawing area, and click Modify | <Element> tab Mode panel (Edit Family). Double-click an instance of the family in the drawing area. Note: The double-click editing behavior is determined by the setting for the Family element type in the Double-click Options.

Where are system families located in Revit?

System families are predefined in and saved in templates and projects, not loaded into templates and projects from external files. Because system families are predefined in Revit, you can only load system family types in projects or templates. Revit includes many system families and project and system settings.

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