Can I change a Revit template to project?

What is the difference between project and project template in Revit?

RTE (template) files and RVT (project) files are actual Revit® projects. The difference between the two is that the template is used to start a new project. When you click on Save, you will not be allowed to overwrite the template file, but you will be prompted for a new file name and location.

Can I copy Revit model into new project?

Go to Solution. Create new project using your new template, link the old model. Then select the link, bind it and ungroup. Btw you could consider using Transfer Project Standards to add new or overwrite settings.

How do you add a template to a project in Revit?

Click File tab Options. Click the File Locations tab.

Add one or more templates to the Project templates list, as follows:

  1. Click (Add Value).
  2. Navigate to the project template file, select it, and click Open. The template is added to the list.
  3. Under Name, replace the default template name with a meaningful name.
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What is Revit project file format?

A file with the . RVT file extension is a Revit Project file used by Autodesk’s Revit BIM (Building Information Modeling) program. Inside an RVT file is all the architectural details related to the design, such as a 3D model, elevation details, floor plans, and project settings.

What is project template in Revit?

Project Templates. Project templates provide initial conditions for a project. Several templates are provided with Revit Architecture, or you can create your own.

Can I copy Revit sheets between projects?

There are limitations on how Revit will allow Sheets to be transferred between projects. Specifically, Revit will not import/export Sheets that contain model views.

How do I import one Revit file into another?

Open an existing model, and link another model to it.

  1. Open an existing model or start a new model. You will link another model into this model.
  2. Click Insert tab Link panel (Link Revit).
  3. In the Import/Link RVT dialog, select the model to link. …
  4. For Positioning, specify the desired option. …
  5. Click Open.

How do I copy a drafting view between projects?

Insert a Drafting View from Another Project

  1. Open the target Revit project (that is, the project in which you want to insert the existing drafting view).
  2. Click Insert tab Import panel Insert from File drop-down Insert Views from File.
  3. In the Open dialog, select a project file, and click Open.

How do I import a view template in Revit?

On the project browser find the view you want to create a view template for, right click then select create view template from view. Name the template. Select what you want to include in the template and OK. You must have the source and destination files open in the same session of Revit.

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How do I create an architectural template in Revit?

Create a Project Template

  1. On the Home page, under Models, click New. …
  2. In the New Project dialog, under Template file, select: …
  3. Under Create new, select Project template.
  4. Click OK. …
  5. Define settings.
  6. Create any geometry that will be used as a base in future projects.
  7. Click File tab Save.

What is the difference between construction template and architectural template in Revit?

We can conclude that the architectural template is aimed more at projecting, while the construction template is aimed at following the construction process in a deeper way.

How do I create a new project in Revit?

Create a Project

  1. Click File tab New (Project).
  2. In the New Project dialog, under Template file, do one of the following: Select a template from the list. Click Browse, navigate to the desired template (an RTE file), and click Open. …
  3. For Create new, click Project.
  4. Click OK.

How do you change from architectural to structural in Revit?

Save and close the architectural model. In Projects, use Structural Template to create a new structural model. Next, you transfer project settings. Choose Link Revit, then in the Import/Link dialog box select the architectural model RVT file.

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