Can you import your own furniture into floorplanner?

Can you import to floorplanner?

This is how it works: Go to the home screen. Tap on “New Project”. Tap on ‘Add Room’, select “Import and Draw” and then the floor.

Can I import images to floorplanner?

Image files can be imported into a floor plan view by navigating to File> Import> Import Picture. The imported image can then be modified using the object’s edit handles, and it can be traced over using the various tools located in your Home Designer software.

How do you copy and paste on floorplanner?

Press “shift” to select multiple walls. You will be able to copy & paste, delete, mirror and rotate this selection.

How do you put furniture on a floor plan?

Make your floor plan more comprehensive by adding furniture objects.

  1. Go to Floor Level or to Room Level.
  2. Tap on the ‘Add’ button, and then ‘Object’.
  3. Choose the object group that matches your piece of furniture. …
  4. Tap on a piece of furniture to add it to the plan.
  5. Drag and drop any furniture to its correct location.

Is floorplanner com safe?

Floorplanner was invented by three Dutch architects that wanted to make 2D and 3D CAD design more accessible to users of all levels. Floorplanner has many thousands of professional users and is perfectly safe to use.

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How do you change the color of furniture on floorplanner?

In order to select the object, you need to first click the Pointer button, and then click on the object to select it. Once the object (furniture, window, door…) is selected, you can then move it, rotate it, change its color, etc.

Can you copy a room in floorplanner?

floorplanner It is now possible to copy and paste designs to a different floor.

How do I merge projects on floorplanner?

Copy a Floor to a Different Project

  1. Open the project which includes the floor that you want to move.
  2. Go to floor plan level and swipe through the floors of your project until the one which should be copied shows up.
  3. Tap on the three dots next to the floor name.
  4. Click on “Duplicate”.

How do you install carpet on floorplanner?

A tile icon will appear on your screen. Just place it somewhere in the room.


  1. Go to room level.
  2. Tap on insert object.
  3. Select “Flooring”, then “Carpets”.
  4. Decide which type of carpet you wish to insert.
  5. The flooring menu will appear on your screen and gives you the opportunity to work with your carpet.
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