Do you need DLC to ride rhino Conan exiles?

Can you ride rhinos in Conan exiles?

Now you can ride them! You can now catch and tame four types of gray rhino, not only to be your pets, yet additionally to be your mount!

Is rhino saddle DLC?

Currently only Horses and Rhinos (Isle of Siptah DLC only) have the ability to equip saddles and become mounts in Conan Exiles.

Can you ride a greater rhino Conan?

Unlike the normal version of rhinos, this one cannot be used as a mount.

Can you ride a turanian rhino?

You cannot ride them, but if “one needs to pickup and move camp”, they are your best option, with a T4 thrall in tow also.

What do you feed rhino Conan?


  1. pt healing/sec. Plant Fiber. +14%
  2. pts healing/sec. Vines. +14%
  3. pts healing/sec. Desert Berries. +14%
  4. pts healing/sec.

Can you put a saddle on a greater rhino Conan?

The greater rhino is only a pet and can not be mounted. If I remember correctly, only the grey rhinos can be saddled and mounted. This would include the default grey, the three grey variants (killer, purebred, and some other one), and the Wartorn rhino if you have that bonus.

How do you put saddle on horse Conan?

You have to manually move it to the equip slot the same way you would shift it to a different spot in your inventory (ps4 here so I dont know your button). It’s A for anyone else wondering. Saddle into horse inventory, then press A and move it to the the saddle slot.

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How do you make a wooly rhino saddle?

To make Woolly Rhino Saddle, combine Hide, Fiber, Cementing Paste, and Metal Ingot. The Woolly Rhino Saddle unlocks at level 53 and requires 24 Engram Points.

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