Frequent question: How do I create a volume report in Civil 3D?

How do I run a volume report in Civil 3d?

To Generate a Volume Report From the Volumes Dashboard

  1. Click Analyze tab Volumes and Materials panel Volumes Dashboard Find.
  2. In the Volumes Dashboard, select the volume surfaces and bounded areas you want to include in the report so they have a check mark next to them.
  3. Click Generate Cut/Fill Report.

How do you create a volume table in Civil 3d?


  1. In command line type “COMPUTEMATERIALS”.
  2. Select the alignment and sample line group to sample, then click “OK”.
  3. Change “Quantity takeoff criteria” to “Cut and Fill” or other desired criteria.
  4. Map the sampled surfaces to the correct object names, then click “OK”.

How do you create a material list in Civil 3d?

To Generate a Material List for a Sample Line Group

  1. Click Analyze tab Volumes And Materials panel Compute Materials Find.
  2. In the Select a Sample Line Group dialog box, click the Select Alignment field. …
  3. Click the Select Sample Line Group field. …
  4. Click OK. …
  5. Click the Quantity Takeoff Criteria field.

How do I edit a report in Civil 3d?

To Specify Report Settings

  1. Click Home or View tab Palettes panel Toolbox .
  2. On the Toolbox tab, click Edit Report Settings.
  3. In the Edit Report Settings dialog box, expand the tree view and edit the values in the Value column.
  4. Click OK.
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How do you add an elevation table in Civil 3d?

In the Settings list view, right-click the style and click Edit. To add the legend table, click Annotate tab Labels & Tables panel Add Tables menu Add Surface Legend Table .

How do I show cut and fill on a site plan?

This method involves drawing horizontal and vertical lines over your site plan to divide it into grid cells of equal size. You then include the existing elevation and proposed elevation for each corner of the grid cells, and work out the difference between the two, as this will be cut or fill depth for that spot.

How do you find the volume of a surface in Civil 3D?

On the Analyze tab, in the Volume and Materials panel, select Volumes Dashboard to open the Volumes Dashboard. Note that there are currently no volume surfaces in the drawing. Click the Create new volume surface button to open the Create Surface dialog box.

How do you calculate 3D volume?

Calculating the volume of your 3D model

  1. Determine the number of copies you would like of each file.
  2. Find the total volume of your job by adding the volume of every copy of every part you wish to print.
  3. Determine the printer/mode you would like to use for your job.
  4. Multiply the rate for the printer by your total volume.

What are the two options for creating splines in AutoCAD?

A 1-degree spline results in a line; there is no bend. A 2-degree spline results in a parabola; there can be only one bend. A 3-degree spline results in a cubic Bezier curve; there can be two bends.

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