Frequent question: How do I delete a slab in Revit?

How do you remove slab edge segments?

Click Modify | Slab Edges tab Profile panel Add/Remove Segments. Click edges to add or remove segments of the floor slab edge. NoteYou may need to press Tab to highlight a reference edge in section.

How do I delete an area in Revit?

Delete Areas

  1. If the project does not include an area schedule, create one. …
  2. Display the area schedule in the drawing area.
  3. To delete one area, place the cursor in the schedule row for that area.
  4. To delete multiple areas, do the following: …
  5. Click Schedule panel (Delete).
  6. At the warning message, click OK.

How do I edit a slab in Revit?

Edit a Floor Sketch

  1. In a plan view, double-click the floor, or select the floor and click Modify | Floors tab Mode panel Edit Boundary. Watch the tooltip and the status bar to be sure you select the floor, not another element. …
  2. Use sketching tools to change the boundaries of the floor.
  3. Click Finish Edit Mode.

How do I edit area in Revit?

Change the Room Area Boundary Location

  1. Click Architecture tab Room & Area panel drop-down (Area and Volume Computations).
  2. On the Computations tab of the Area and Volume Computations dialog, for Room Area Computation, select one of the following options: …
  3. Click OK.
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How do I delete a floor in Revit?

Select the modified floor. Click Modify | Floors tab Shape Editing panel Modify Sub Elements. Click on the shape edit element to select it. Press Delete or right-click the element and select Delete.

How do you cut out a floor in Revit?

Cut an Opening in a Floor, Roof, or Ceiling

  1. Click By Face or Vertical. Where is it? Architecture tab Opening panel. Structure tab Opening panel. …
  2. If you chose By Face, select a face in the floor, ceiling, or roof. If you chose Vertical, select the entire element. Selected face for opening by face. …
  3. Click Finish Opening.

How do you void a family in Revit?

Open the Revit family with unattached voids and click Create tab Properties panel Family Category and Parameters. In the Family Category and Parameters dialog, select Cut With Voids when Loaded and click OK. Load the family into the project and place it.

How do you add a slab in Revit?

Create a Foundation Slab

  1. Click Structure tab Foundation panel (Slab)
  2. Specify a foundation slab type from the Type Selector.
  3. Click Modify | Create Floor Boundary tab Draw panel Boundary Line and then click (Pick Walls) to select the walls in your model.

How do you change Floor points in Revit?

The points are used by the shape modification tools to change the element geometry.

  1. Select the floor or roof to modify.
  2. Click Modify | Floors tab Shape Editing panel Add Point. …
  3. Click on the face or edges of the floor or roof to add points that define a slope.
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