Frequent question: How do you fillet a cylinder on Onshape?

How do you chamfer an Onshape?

Tap Chamfer tool. Select entities to chamfer (any edges or faces of a part).

Distance and angle – to a specified distance and angle.

  1. Specify Distance (the width of the chamfer).
  2. Optionally, toggle to use Tangent propagation to automatically extend the fillet to tangent edges.
  3. Tap the checkmark.

How do you wrap text on shape?

To apply a text or imported DXF sketch feature to a cylindrical surface, select the Wrap feature icon located along the top of the interface on the main toolbar. Once selected, the Wrap dialog will appear with several options displayed.

How do you hide Fillet lines on Onshape?

In Onshape’s recent update (Release 1.113), we released a shortcut command for this purpose. To hide all construction geometry, use the “Shift” and “P” keys simultaneously. Construction geometry in this case is defined as sketches, curves, mates, and mate connectors.

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