How do I change dimension thickness in SolidWorks?

How do I change dimension format in Solidworks?

In SOLIDWORKS, dimension formatting follows the standard that is set for the document in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Drafting Standard by default. You can change the document or template defaults for each type of dimension listed under Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions .

How do I change dimension properties in Solidworks?

In a drawing, click Options (Standard toolbar), select Document Properties, and then select Dimensions.

How do I change the thickness of a line in Solidworks 2018?

To assign line thickness or style:

  1. Click Options (Standard toolbar) and select the Document Properties tab.
  2. Set style and thickness for the following: All dimension leaders. All annotation leaders. Frames for geometric tolerances, balloons, and datums. Style. Thickness.

How do I change dimension lines in Solidworks?

Right-click a dimension line or extension line and select Hide Dimension Line or Hide Extension Line. To show hidden lines, right-click the dimension or a visible line and select Show Dimension Lines or Show Extension Lines. You can set individual extension lines to display as centerline style.

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How do you fix a dimension in SOLIDWORKS?

To set a fixed length:

  1. Select the spline to dimension.
  2. Click Smart Dimension (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Dimensions > Smart Dimensions.
  3. Click anywhere on the spline to place the dimension and click. …
  4. Drag an endpoint of the spline.

How do you format dimensions?

For example, a dimension of a rectangular room on a blueprint, 14′ 11″ X 13′ 10″ equates to a room size of 14 feet, 11-inches wide by 13 feet, 10-inches long. Dimensions are expressed as width by length by height or depth in three-dimensional space.

How do you show both metric and imperial dimensions in SOLIDWORKS?

Displaying Dual Measure Dimensions

  1. Click Measure (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Measure .
  2. In the Measure dialog box, click Units/Precision .
  3. In the Measure Units/Precision dialog box, select Use custom settings and select the first length unit. …
  4. Click Use Dual Units and select the second unit of measurement.

How do I change the font of a line in SolidWorks?

Click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Line Font. Select an edge type from the list: Visible Edges, Hidden Edges, Sketch Curves, and so on. Choose a style from the list: Solid, Dashed, Phantom, Chain, and so on. Select a style that defines the ends of edges: Flat, Round, or Square.

Where is the line format toolbar in SolidWorks?

If you’re going to be making a lot of changes, it may be convenient to enable the Line Format toolbar by clicking on View > Toolbars > Line Format. You’ll not only have access to the tools mentioned above but layers as well.

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Can you change dimensions in SOLIDWORKS?

To change a dimension: Double-click a dimension. The Modify dialog box appears. Change the dimension value with the arrows, thumbwheel, mouse wheel, or by typing in the dimension box.

Why are my dimensions GREY SOLIDWORKS?

Inserted dimensions are black and non inserted dimensions are grey, by default. These colors carry over to printouts while in Color Display Mode is on. When this mode is turned off, all colors are shown as system status (system defines the color based on their status instead of other settings).

How do I change units in SOLIDWORKS 2019?

To set units options:

  1. Click Simulation > Options. …
  2. Under Unit system, select SI (International System of Units), English (U.S. Customary Unit System), or Metric (gravitational system of units).
  3. Under Units, select the desired units for Length/Displacement, Temperature, Angular velocity, and Pressure/Stress.
  4. Click OK.
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