How do I change the grid orientation in rhino?

How do I rotate a view in Rhino?

Press SHIFT + ALT and you will be able to rotate the view… however move your cursor(now a hand) to the edge of the view. The cursor will change to a hand with a 5 and you will notice the vi rotation will be with 5 degree increments.

How do you move the CPlane in rhino?

Drag the construction plane’s new x and y axes to a new location. Use the Curve option to quickly position your construction plane at various stations along a central rail curve as preparation for doing a one rail sweep, for example.

How do you draw z direction in rhino?

click your beginning point first. ctrl-click on the beginning point again (which triggers elevator mode). you will now be locked to the Z axis.

How do you set world coordinates in rhino?

Use world coordinates to draw a line

  1. Start the Line command and place the first line point at w0,0,0, and press Enter. This starts the line at the world coordinate origin.
  2. At the End of line… prompt, type w12,6,10 and press Enter. The line is drawn from the world origin to a point 12,6,10 in the world coordinates.

How do you make the grid bigger in rhino?

Click on the units Tab > Model and select either Millimeter or Inches. Match your unit with the Distance Display. Click on the Grid Tab and set a grid snap and grid spacing. Note: if you are using Feet and inches, a grid unit of 12 (or 8) is best; and 10 is best for metric.

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How do you rotate an object in rhino?

The Rotate command rotates objects around an axis perpendicular to the current construction plane.


  1. Select the objects.
  2. Pick the center of rotation.
  3. Type the angle, or pick two reference points. Your browser does not support the video tag.

How do I change the axis of an object in rhino?

Type the command: BongoOrientPivot . When prompted: Axis ( X Y Z ): , choose the axis you want to be able to change. Next, you will then be prompted with: New axis: . Pick the new angle for your axis and the rest of the pivot axis will follow.

How do you change a CPlane?

Click on the first icon in the Set CPlane menu box labeled Set CPlane Origin. Then move the Origin of the CPlane in the perspective view anywhere in the model, even snapping to objects or other points. Now drawing in Perspective view will snap all data points to this new construction plane.

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