How do I delete things from Fusion 360?

How do you delete objects in Fusion 360?

Deleting or removing objects

  1. Design > Modify > Delete.
  2. Design > Modify > Remove.

Why can’t I delete in Fusion 360?

The file contains externally referenced data sets:

“A version of this design has been referenced by other drawings or other designs and cannot be deleted” when deleting a file in Fusion 360. If the links were broken and the file has not been saved and closed. The original linked design cannot be deleted.

How do I delete a drawing on Fusion 360?

So you started a drawing from a part and decided to scrap it and start again. No problem. Close the drawing, right click the item in the data panel and select delete.

Where is the admin console in Fusion 360?

To access the Administrator Console, click the Profile button > Admin.

Where is the data panel in Fusion 360?

Expand the data panel by clicking the grid icon in the upper left corner, if the Data Panel is not already opened.

Can you delete projects in Fusion 360?

You have to go to the Data Panel in Fusion 360. Right click the project you want to delete and choose Archive. Then I guess you have to go to the cloud and choose the tab ARCHIVED and there you find it. select it and choose delete.

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How do I delete a project on fusion?

Delete a project

In Fusion Team: On the Projects page, select the filter ARCHIVED. Hover over the project row. Click the Delete button.

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