How do I edit tracks in KiCad?

How do I change the track layer in KiCad?

Before we start editing the PCB, here are the keyboard shortcuts in KiCad’s Pcbnew that we will be using frequently in this tutorial:

  1. + – Press to switch next layer.
  2. – – Press to switch to previous layer.
  3. m – Move item.
  4. b – Update ground polygon pours.
  5. Delete – Remove a trace or component.
  6. x – Route new track.

How do I change the width of a track in KiCad?

Click on the Track ↕ arrows and select Edit pre-defined sizes…. Once in the Board Setup click on the Track & via’s. Notice, in the area of the window, two empty grids. On the right side you can see the Custom Via Sizes grid, and on the right side is the Custom Track Widths.

How do I select an entire track in KiCad?

‘u’ will select all connected tracks and vias between two pads, while ‘i’ will select all tracks and vias of that net.

What is KiCad Netlist?

Overview. A netlist is a file which describes electrical connections between symbols. These connections are referred to as nets. In the netlist file you can find: The list of the symbols.

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What is Pcbnew?

Pcbnew is KiCad’s layout editor. Think of it as a drawing program that is specifically designed for drawing printed circuit boards. Pick up a PCB and, and try to identify and list its most important attributes.

How do I change the minimum track width in KiCad?

On the left tool menu of the PCB layout window, click on the ‘in’ button. This will change all the units to inches.

We generally use the KiCad defaults of:

  1. Clearance: By Netclass.
  2. Min Track Width: 0.2mm = 7.9mil.
  3. Min Via Size: 0.4mm = 15.7mil.

How do you increase track width in Eagle?

select the change tool, select width option, select width number. then go and click on your track segments. first click will select the segment, and 2nd click will change the width. it works in v6.

How do I delete tracks from KiCad?

In legacy you can hover over a track and hit the delete key and the track gets removed. If you hot backspace it deletes the segment. It is possible to delete an entire track in GAL, but you have to select the track by hover+U and then hit the delete key.

How do I highlight a track in KiCad?

To highlight a net, use the hotkey ` , right-click any copper object in the net and choose Highlight Net from the Net Tools menu, or right-click the net in the list in the Nets tab of the Appearance panel.

How do I select multiple components in KiCad?

Selection tool in GAL already has this feature (available for testing lp:~cern-kicad/kicad/selection_tool). You can toggle selection by clicking components while holding Shift.

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