How do I import Rhino settings?

How do I Import display settings in Rhino?

Go to the Tools menu > Options >View > Display Modes page and click Import. Navigate to the downloaded . ini files and import.

How do you Import into Rhino?

To import a Rhino 3DM file: Select File > Import > Import Rhino 3DM Format (3D only). The Import Rhino 3DM File dialog box opens. Select the file to import, and click Open.

How do I import display mode into Rhino Mac?

Display modes can be exported from Rhino for Windows and imported into Rhino for Mac.

Import on Rhino for Mac

  1. Open to Rhino for Mac.
  2. Preferences > Display Mode page > Gear icon.
  3. Import the INI.
  4. It will appear and you can now assign it to a viewport.

How do I export rhino settings?

The easiest way to transfer the bulk of your settings is to use the Rhino command OptionsExport (V5 and later), which creates a single file with most of the customizations. Importing this file into another installation via the command OptionsImport (V5 and later) will transfer the settings to the new install.

How do I change my Rhino alias?

Double-click name. Double-click the Alias or Command macro to change the contents.

How do I Import 3D models into Rhino?


  1. From the File menu, click Open, Insert, Import, or Worksession > Attach.
  2. In the dialog box, select a supported file type.
  3. Click Open and configure the settings. When you open a non-3dm file and save the model, its filename will be the default 3dm filename.
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What file formats can Rhino Import?

Rhinoceros, more commonly called Rhino or Rhino3D, is a popular 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design (CAD) application software.

Some third-party and open-source CAD and image file formats that can be handled by the application include:

  • DWG/DXF.
  • DGN.
  • FBX.
  • STEP.
  • SAT (ACIS)
  • IGES.
  • 3DS.

How do I open Rhino preferences?

In the Menu Bar, click Edit > Preferences, then on the left side of the dialog box, select Import > Rhino.

How do I reset Rhino on Mac?

Reset Rhino Preferences

  1. Quit Rhino.
  2. Start the Terminal application found in your Applications > Utilities folder. A window with a command prompt appears.
  3. Type defaults delete com. mcneel. rhinoceros and press Return.
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