How do I load a detail group in Revit?

How do you transfer detail groups in Revit?

Then in the project you wish to transfer them into, navigate to: Insert > Insert from File > Insert 2D Elements from File > Browse to the Revit project containing the detail components placed in the drafting view > Choose Drafting View > OK. All detail components should be placed at once in current project.

Where is the detail group in Revit?


  1. Scroll down in your Project Browser window, and find the Groups section, and the Detail subgroup.
  2. Right click on the detail group, and select all instances in the file.
  3. Click Group (GP) at the top to attempt to group all these detail groups.

How do I copy a detail group from one Revit file to another?

There are several methods for copying from one project to another:

  1. Open both files in the same session of revit. Then simply copy/paste from one to the other.
  2. Create a group of the objects to be copied. Save the group to a file. …
  3. Link the model with objects to be copied into the main model. Then simply bind the link.
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What is a detail group in Revit?

Revit Groups are like AutoCAD blocks. Draw a couple of lines and group the selection. Copy multiple instances of the group and then edit one of the grouped objects. You’ll notice that the changes you made will propogate to all the other similar groups.

How do you open a sheet tab in Revit?

right-click the view name, and click Open Sheet. If the Open Sheet option is disabled in the context menu, the view is either not placed on a sheet, or is a schedule or legend view, which can be placed on more than one sheet. drag the view name onto the sheet name or onto the sheet in the drawing area.

How do I view families in Revit?

Viewing Families in a Project or Template

  1. Open a project or a template.
  2. In the Project Browser, expand Families. A list of all families in the project (or template) displays. …
  3. Expand the family category that contains the family types that you want to view. …
  4. Expand the family to view the family types.

Can you copy sheets from one Revit project to another?

There are limitations on how Revit will allow Sheets to be transferred between projects. Specifically, Revit will not import/export Sheets that contain model views.

Can you copy views from one Revit file to another?

Solution: While Revit allows inserting Drafting views and schedules from an existing project, it does not have built in options to allow copying/inserting 3D / Plan views between different Revit projects.

How do you duplicate a group in Revit?

Img 7.3 – To duplicate the group, select the Duplicate button from the type properties menu. Apply the new Group name accordingly. Type in the name you wish to call the duplicate Group and Press OK.

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How do you create a detail group?

Create an Attached Detail Group

  1. Select model elements and detail elements, simultaneously. …
  2. Select view-specific elements, tags, or dimensions that are associated with an existing model group, and click Modify | tab Create panel (Create Group).

Can you group things in Revit?

Create a group by selecting elements or existing groups, and using the Create Group tool. In a project view, select the desired elements or existing groups you want in the group. Click Modify | Multi-Select tab Create panel (Create Group).

How do you change the group model in Revit?

To edit groups in Revit you can do the following:

  1. Select the Group which you would like to edit.
  2. In the Modify | Model Groups tab which appears, select Edit Group.
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