How do I mirror a pattern in Solidworks?

How do you mirror something in Solidworks?

In a part, click Mirror (Features toolbar) or Insert > Pattern/Mirror > Mirror. See Mirroring Features. Create an opposite-hand version of a part. In a part, select a face or plane to mirror about, and then click Insert > Mirror Part.

How do you flip a linear Pattern in Solidworks?

To rotate a linear pattern along pattern Direction 1: Click Linear Component Pattern (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component Pattern > Linear Pattern.

You can rotate instances as follows:

  1. Rotate instances based on an input value.
  2. Rotate instances about a selected axis.
  3. Align rotated instances to the seed instance.

How do you mirror entities in Solidworks?

To mirror sketch entities as you sketch them:

  1. Select a line or a model edge in an open sketch.
  2. Click Dynamic Mirror Entities. (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Dynamic Mirror . …
  3. Create the sketch entities that you want to mirror. …
  4. To turn mirroring off, click Dynamic Mirror Entities.

How do I mirror a part in Solidworks 2020?

To create a mirrored, derived part:

  1. In an open part document, click a model face or plane about which to mirror the part.
  2. Click Insert > Mirror Part. …
  3. Under Transfer, select any combination of items from the source part to be included in the opposite-hand version.
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How do you mirror a part and draw in SOLIDWORKS?

To mirror drawing views:

  1. In a drawing, select a model, relative to model, or predefined drawing view.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Orientation, select Mirror view.
  3. Under Mirror view, select Horizontal or Vertical.
  4. Click .

How do you invert a part in SOLIDWORKS?

To invert selection:

  1. Select items to be excluded.
  2. Click Invert Selection. (Selection filter toolbar) or Tools > Invert Selection.

Can you mirror bodies in Solidworks?

Click Mirror on the Features toolbar or Insert, Pattern/Mirror, Mirror. Under Mirror Face/Plane , select a face or a plane in the graphics area. You can select features, the faces that comprise features, or a body with multibody parts.

How do you mirror sheet metal in Solidworks?

on the Features toolbar, or click Insert > Pattern/Mirror > Mirror.

You can also:

  1. Mirror selected sheet metal features in the part.
  2. Create a second, mirrored sheet metal body in the part.
  3. Use the Insert > Mirror Part command to create a part that is an opposite-hand version of the original part.
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