How do I optimize a Revit model?

How do I make my Revit model faster?

15 best practices for improving revit performance

  1. PURGE! Purge your Revit file of unused content. …

What makes a Revit model slow?

Third party applications and services (that are running at the same time as Revit taking resources away from the system and potentially directly interfering with the program). The storage media (slow performance reading or writing to the storage media will slow down operations that do this).

What does compacting a Revit model do?

Compact Central Model

The process of compacting rewrites the entire file and removes obsolete parts in order to save space.

How much RAM do I need for Revit?

As a general rule, Revit requires 20 times the RAM of the loaded Revit (RVT) project file. So a 200MB RVT file requires approximately 4GB1 of RAM to open. Add to this the RAM needed to run the operating system and to keep other applications like a web browser open.

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Where is purge in Revit?

To purge the model, go to the manage tab, select the setting panel, and choose purge unused. Revit’s automated purging only removes certain types of objects. After running the purge, you still need to go through your models and manually remove any unwanted area schemes, views, groups, and design options.

Why is my Revit file so large?

try this: make an Audit : before opening the project , from Application menu (big R) >Open Project – in dialog window check Audit and then : Open. Purge Unused : Manage>Purge Unused. erase all the unecessary Views from Project Browser.

How big should a Revit family be?

However, a 300k-500k Revit family file is an ideal Revit family file size. While we design for smaller family file sizes; we invest more time on “The Number 1 Item” that can adversely affect Revit project file performance.

What would be the best workflow when using massing tools in Revit?

You can create wall, floor, or roof elements by modeling them using the create tools on the Architecture tab or by using the Model by Face tool on the Massing & Site tab. It is typically best to start by converting the mass floors in your conceptual model into Revit building elements.

How do I clean up a section in Revit?

Revit: How to tidy up the details in Section view

  1. Issue: You have a slanted beam and would like to hide some lines in section view.
  2. Solution: Use “Hidden Line” mode instead of Wireframe mode. Set “Show Hidden Lines” to None. …
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  5. Versions: 2017;
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How do you Audit a model in Revit?

In Revit, click File tab Open (Project).

Audit a Model

  1. Navigate to the folder where the model resides, and select it. For a workshared model, navigate to and select the central model.
  2. Select the Audit option.
  3. Click OK.

How do you purge files in Revit?


  1. Make sure “Confirm each item to be purged” and.
  2. “Purge nested items” is checked.
  3. Click Purge ALL.
  4. Click it a second time to make sure it was able to purge all available items.
  5. Resave the file.
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