How do I share an Onshape folder?

How do I share an Onshape file?

To share a document through a link, select the Link sharing tab, then click Turn on link sharing, then click Copy to clipboard. Paste the link into an email to another person (Onshape user or not) or otherwise send the link. Be aware that anyone with the link will have access to the document.

Select a linked item in the Feature list, right-click and select Open linked document to open the linked document in a new tab in your browser window. To allow another user to link to your document, share the document with at least Read/Copy/Export permissions (or higher).

Are Onshape files public?

Private – Owned, visible and editable only by you. Shared – Private documents that you enable other users to view, edit, or edit and share. Public – Documents you make available for viewing and copying by all Onshape users.

Can you collaborate on Onshape?

Only Onshape enables real-time simultaneous collaboration – allowing designers and engineers to work together on the same document at the same time. The result? Improved ability to share ideas, iterate designs and accelerate time to market.

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How do you invite someone to a Onshape team?

Adding a guest user through the Share dialog

  1. From within a document, click the Share button.
  2. Select the Invite guests tab.
  3. Enter the email or emails of the users you wish to add as guests (use comma separators).
  4. Select the permissions to allow for the active document.
  5. Click Share.
  6. Click Close to close the dialog.

How do I search Onshape public documents?

Go to .

  1. Sign in with your Enterprise account information.
  2. Browse the Public document filter as you did previously and copy any documents of interest.
  3. Follow the steps under Enterprise URL or to use those documents in your Enterprise.

Can a part be modified by more than one person at the same time Onshape?

Multiple people can work together in the same Onshape Document at the same time. During Simultaneous Editing, social cues indicate a colleague’s presence in the Document. They appear at the top of the Document as well as in the tab and feature they are working on.

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